Corporate Etiquette 101: Seven Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Know

Corporate Etiquette

“No matter who you are or what you do, your manners will have a direct impact on your professional and social success.” -Unknown Author

With the increasing globalization of the marketplace, it would be understandable for various businesses to take their business endeavors in a foreign land. A byproduct of this international attempt would be a series of meetings that would often require professional translation services in order to be conveyed as closely and accurately as it possibly can. However, making an impression—most especially on an international level—does not only limit itself as to what you say but would also extend to how you conduct yourself during these meetings. Meetings are not always fun, and neither are they always interesting, but they are an indispensable avenue for getting several points across by discussing pivotal matters.

Should you ever attend a meeting in the near future—whether that may be on an international or local scale, here are things you ought to keep in mind:

1.) Do not pull out someone’s chair for them

In social gatherings, this may be seen as chivalrous—especially when you are doing it for a woman. However, in a corporate setting, this might not be so appropriate. In a business setting, leave the social gender rules behind lest you inadvertently offend somebody.

2.) Dress appropriately

While there is no absolute need to dress to the nines, the type of clothing you wear dictates how seriously you will be taken by the participants of the meeting—especially those you have not had the opportunity to meet yet. Your manner of dress would also enhance your professional reputation and detract from your credibility so make a good impression and dress accordingly.

3.) Mingle with others before the meeting starts

If you see other participants of the meeting in the room, do not hesitate to go up to them and introduce yourself. More often than not, you will be involved in meetings where you do not know everyone so it would be nice to mingle with them before the meeting commences.

4.) Be on time

Being on time goes for physical meetings as well as cyberspace meetings that take place online. Arrive on time and be punctual. Remember, everyone has work to do and you do not want to waste anyone’s time by being late.

5.) Be concise

Do not dilly-dally when it comes to what you are trying to say. Get straight to the point and say it in a few words as necessary. If a story is irrelevant, do no share it as there will be a time for that. Similarly, do not give unnecessary information that is in no way related to what the meeting is about.

6.) If you have a higher-rank, initiate the handshake

The same should be done if you are hosting the meeting. Regardless of gender, if you have a higher rank, you should be the one to extend your hand first.

7.) Come prepared

Before attending the meeting, review what it would be all about and brush up on the things you are to say or the things you want to bring up. Know the agenda, what your part is and expect to ask as well as answer questions.

To maintain a positive and professional image, it is imperative that you know how to conduct yourself in a business meeting. With the salient tips provided above, you should be well-prepared for your next one.

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