Utility of RADAR Feedback Signs and Variable Message Boards

radar sign

You can see speed limit signs set on the side of the road. They actually mind the pace of the vehicles that are too fast. People who live in that particular area are very happy with the new improvement. Its great and well needed now a days. There were several accidents. By adding this, the rate of accidents has been reduced by half. This is done by RADAR feedback sign.

The science behind driver feedback sign: A driver’s theta ‘autopilot’ state must be triggered by an event or interruption to go to a beta ‘engaged’ state. Drivers slow down immediately after the signs are installed and unlike speed humps that can be dangerous in the snow, RADAR sign products operate 24/7 in all weather conditions. Drivers see the sign and slow down and because we don’t have to keep an officer posted there all the time now. The signs solve a manpower issue. A pedestrian hit by a car traveling 40 mph has an 85% chance of being killed. At 30 mph, these odds decrease to 55%. It was found somewhere that after they had installed the RADAR sign driver speed sign, cares went from 50 mph; that’s a significant drop.

The areas like hospitals and schools should be taken care of. Students walking on the road are absolutely ignored, and something should seriously be done to decrease the risk of accidents. The residents of these places are sick and tired of their streets being treated like speedways. People cant walk their dogs, walk in the morning or evening. They asked RADAR signs to conduct a test to measure the speeding problem. RADAR signs actually help a lot to maintain the driver’s speed. They put a LED board which shows their speed as they approach towards it. RADAR sign reduces the number of speeding drivers by 50%. This is really important because if there are pedestrians walking throughout the day. The numbers of speeders during the sign was not ON is significantly different than the number of speeders when the sign is ON. This is because the people are aware of their speed and then they take care of it. It helps to reduce the speed of the drivers.

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The RADAR feedback sign sends an important reminder to drivers. People were so fed up by speeders, and hence this equipment is introduced hoping to slow people down. The people be aware of it and encourage these activities. The traffic is really bad during office and school hours, and that’s exactly when kids are waiting for the bus.

The variable message board is now a day touch screen. They are used as traffic message boards. They show short messages that are controlled by the operator for managing the traffic. The new touch screen processes simplify the creativity and editing traffic messages or work zone messages. These boards allow users to display four lines of informational text and icons. The central function of electronic boards is to deliver the most accurate and the most up to date message.

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