How do You choose the best baby carrier backpack?

Baby carrier backpacks are usually made keeping in mind the safety of a child. Manufacturers of good and reputed brands use the best, safest and the sturdiest material in the manufacturing process and the bags manufactured are checked many times using the latest techniques before they are sent out in the market for sale.

This is done not only as a standard procedure to ensure the quality of the product but also because the end user of the bag is a parent for whom the only thing important is the security of her/his child.

Most good brands have the highest level of security checks before the bag goes in for sale. Baby carrier backpack bags are also incorporated with all the necessary security features that are recommended at the highest level along with additional features of security as a precautionary measure.

However, in spite of all the security measures, reports of injuries to babies regularly pour in the news and on the net, which discourage new parents from using the product. Actually it is very easy to blame the manufacturers for such mishaps, but parents can prevent such incidents by following a few precautionary suggestions.

Parents should check the baby carrier backpack every few days for any damage to the cloth material inside and outside and check the accessories like hooks, fastening rings, zippers etc. If you find any thing that is not in perfect condition, it is prudent to get it repaired before the next use or even better to get a new bag for the child.

When you use the bag make sure that the baby is secure and all the straps are tightened according to the user manual. Also see that the baby is comfortable and has enough room to adjust his body to make himself comfortable.

Try not to take the baby along on a backpack inside the kitchen. This is because kitchen is one of the most dangerous places for an infant or small child as there is heat emanating from the burner that can harm the baby and most importantly because there are chances of the backpack catching fire from the burner.

It is advisable not to reach objects that are high while carrying your baby in a backpack as a slight loss of balance on your part can harm the baby physically. Secondly, an item that is kept high may also fall on the baby in case it slips from your hand while bringing it down.

Avoid all kinds of exercises while carrying the baby as some of them can be dangerous for the baby due to your own postures or the straps may loosen and the baby may fall causing injuries to him.

Make it a point to check on your baby every little while as babies tend to move inside the bag or even try to climb on the bag. Also check arms and legs of your baby every time as they tend to put their hands and legs in all kinds of odd places in the bag.

Most importantly never leave your baby unattended anywhere. Most people think that their baby is safe in a back pack and leave them in their car to shop or watch movies. Please do not make this mistake as many babies suffocate and die due to this mistake.

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