Hurricane doors- The Need of Florida Residents

Hurricane doors

Hurricane season is a stressful time, particularly for people who live in coastal states like Florida. Luckily, modern technology has brought many things like hurricane sliding glass doors and hurricane windows which help to protect these homes and commercial buildings that are so often put in harm’s way.

Here are just some of the important reasons why hurricane impact doors and windows are so important for people who live in Florida.

Property always needs protection

It takes more than a durable door to protect any property such as a place of living or a place of work. Impact sliding glass doors and windows are precisely tested against hurricane-force conditions to make sure that they are capable enough to stand against strong winds and heavy rains.

Hurricane Irma smashed 90% of the buildings on Barbuda alone, leaving 60% of the inhabitants homeless.  So it is very important to take the proper measures to protect the home, as for Florida residents it might be possible to be in a similar situation in the next hurricane season.

It might just be time to replace ordinary glass doors with hurricane impact doors and windows for that level of protection.

Florida residents need a durable hardware

Once Florida residents install impact front doors and hurricane windows, there’s no need to worry about yearly replacement or renovation. High-impact doors and windows are strong enough to handle any impact thrown at them. That’s why they’re called hurricane impact doors, after all.

When Florida residents have these windows and doors installed, they are set for life. And in the case that a hurricane-resistant window or door is damaged, a warranty will come to the immediate rescue. These home defense details are designed to last through it all.

Offer a better resale value

Many home buyers who are searching for houses next to the ocean generally look for properties that have all of the security features they need to stay protected from hurricanes. Needless to say that if someone selling a home with hurricane impact doors and windows, they will surely have a leg up in the seller’s market.

Features like hurricane impact doors and windows protect property, but they can also add a little bit of style as well. Who says safety can’t be stylish?

And unquestionably, good upkeep is a plus point. Hurricane debris might not damage windows, but it sure can gunk them up. Therefore, it is mandatory to Clean hurricane-proof doors and windows for gaining a good selling point.


Hurricane-resistant doors and windows are important for people who live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes. Florida residents, pin your ears back! And if you’re still in the marketplace for hurricane impact doors and windows, look for Engineering Glass Systems products to completely protect your home and workplace.

Furthermore, impact sliding glass doors and windows are designed to protect from possible short circuits as well. If they crack the impact glass won’t cause any damage as it will stay in its place firmly because of its composition style until you replace it with a new one.

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