Explore the beauties of Maharashtra

Explore the beauties of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is not only about common places and cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur but there are plenty of places which one can visit here.

If one wants to visit the beauty of this state then they should visit these places.


It is a serene hill station which is situated on the Western Ghats of the state. This hill station lies at a height of 1353 meters and it is from here the River Krishna originates and flows down through the entire state.

The river water starts flowing from a place which looks like the shape of the mouth of a cow. Also, the place of origin is located within a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In summers, most people find a gate away in this place and one can also trek to the mountains to make their holidays more adventurous and unique.


It is perhaps, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The beaches and the soft sands, the shores and nature, everything about Goa is perfect for a bachelorette trip with friends or for cozy honeymoon couples.

The shimmering sun on the beach and the Portuguese architecture and the churches make it a lovely place to spend time together. Add on are the energetic nightlife, some delicious seafood and a perfect drink.

Everything is so romantic about Goa that one cannot help but fall in love again and again with this place.

Malshej Ghat

It is a place which is situated at the Shayadri mountain ranges in the Western Ghats. The uniqueness of this place is, there are a lot of Budhhist caves which were formed in the 3rd century BC.

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This place also has a dense forest with a lot of flora and fauna. In monsoons, nature is in is full bloom and one can breathe the exotic beauty here.

There are small waterfalls which gain volume during rains and look beautiful. So the best time to visit this place is definitely in monsoons.


This is the city is full of heritage and culture. This place is also the gateway to the western part of Orissa and the lush green forests present here makes this a great travel destination for the ones who love nature.

The places that one cannot miss while travelling here are the Hirakund Dam, Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary, Cattle Island Khalasuni wildlife sanctuary and Ushakothi wildlife sanctuary.

Singhagad Fort

This is a fort which is situated at the center of much other string of forts like Purandar Fort, Raigad Fort, Torna Fort, and this fort is located almost 30 kilometers away to the south-west direction, from the city of Pune.

This place is visited the most during the monsoons and this is a magnificent fort.

One can book train tickets online in order to reach any of these places in Maharashtra. One can also order food on train or reserve it from the e-catering services provided by the Indian Railways.

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