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Tours are an essential part of our life as they teach us many important things. Every trip instill some lessons that are proved essential in living our life successfully. And if you share certain taste for history and historical past, then Agra is the place for you. This ancient city is mentioned in Mahabharata and tourists and travelers, historians, travel bloggers- all come pouring in this city from across the world. Agra never fails to amaze the people who come to visit her.

agra  fort

How to travel to Agra?

If you are traveling from Delhi, the best way to take resort to is always Agra cab booking. It would be best if you don’t opt for public transport. Agra, being one of the central tour attractions of North India, is well connected with the rest of the India via air, bus and trains. But still, in order to have a memorable trip to Agra and not to miss the marvels that fall on the way to this city, you must go for the car rental services. Agra is almost 232km away from Delhi. So, if you are traveling via Yamuna Expressway, it is going to take less than 5hours to reach there. You can always opt for NH509, but this route may take some extra time for you reach your destination. Therefore, it is advisable you take the Yamuna Expressway and check out the awesome dhabas and highway food joints that will fall on the road.

Things to remember while traveling:

Since the travel might take some time from Delhi and just because Agra has the typical rough patches of summer during the months of April to June, make sure you are carrying enough water with you. Also, don’t forget to keep some snacks with you. Try to start your journey in the morning so that you get the whole day and can enjoy the marvellous scenic beauty on your way to Agra.

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Places to visit in Agra:

  • Taj Mahal: What can we say about Taj Mahal that you already don’t know? Taj Mahal, the white marble beauty was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz. This place has been declared as one of the wonders of the world. Do check this out. Your Agra trip will be truly incomplete without a must visit to this place.


  • Agra Fort: Also, known as Red Fort, this red sandstone building is another wonderful place which is located near the gardens of Taj Mahal. Do check out some mesmerizing places inside this fort like Jahangir Palace and Khas Palace. This architectural sight is an ode to the brilliance of the Mughal Empire in every sense.
  • Fatehpur Sikri: This place was built under Mughal Emperor Akbar’s supervision. This was the capital city of the Mughals before Agra. The gardens, ponds, lakes, and other architectures of this city will mesmerize you.

Check out the Agra cab service so that you can explore this historical city in your own, customized way. All the best!

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