Get The Ideal Sofa: 6 Things to Consider When Buying a Durable and Stylish Sofa

Get The Ideal Sofa

If there is any guilty pleasure in your home life, it is perhaps the pleasure you get from lazing

and relaxing on a comfortable sofa. A sofa in the living room, outdoor area, or family room is a major investment. It can provide not only comfort but also function and style.

So it is only important that in buying a sofa you should look for the best buy. However, there are things that you should first consider before purchasing one. Of course, you should consider its quality, how you are going to use it, and what sofa style would be perfect for your room.

Are you now excited on your new sofa? If you are hell-bent on buying one, here are some tips that you need to consider to choose the ideal sofa out there.

Check the Frame

A sofa that has a sturdy frame means a durable sofa. In buying one, you should make sure that it does not creak or wobble. When you place it on the floor, it should sit squarely on it, because that is the proof that it is sturdy.

You can find a sofa frame made of softwood that is inexpensive, but it may not be that durable and long-lasting. Sofa frames made of ash, beech, or kiln-dried oak, on the other hand, is pricier but they can provide the durability that you desire.

Do not buy a sofa that has a frame made of plastic, metal, or particleboard because they may crack and warp.

Run Your Hand on the Back of the Sofa

Run Your Hand on the Back of the Sofa

Examine the back of the sofa if there are any bumps, lumps, or hard spots. For simple testing, you can run your hand over the sofa. This method of testing the sofa is important, especially on a tight back sofa.

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A sofa that has a bump or hard spot on the back can break the look of it and your room, For sure, it will also feel uncomfortable when you are going to relax on it.

Ask the Salesman about the Sofa Joints

Asking about the joinery of the sofa is essential for you to know the quality of your buy. A solidly constructed sofa typically has a frame with joints connected by wooden corner blocks, wooden dowels, brackets, and metal screws.

Never choose a sofa that has joints held together by nails, glue, or staples. See to it that the legs are part of the frame, and connected by screws or dowels, not glue. For sure, the salesperson knows this thing, do not hesitate to ask him.

Test the Springs

Test the Springs

A comfortable sofa has springs inside it. You should test the spring through the upholstery if they are firm and closed together. Sit down on it before you buy it if there are creaks and squeaks.

Most sofas have pre-assembled units of serpentine or sinuous springs. These springs can provide excellent support, but they can sag over time if made of light metal.

High-end, expensive sofas, on the other hand, come with eight-way hand-tied springs is so comfortable to the back.

Examine the Fillings

You will notice in many home centers that the most costly sofas have for their seat and back cushions down and feather fillings. However, these cushions may not be ideal for all styles of sofas because they may appear too lumpy.

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Always keep in mind that the seat cushion should have both firmness and flexibility to regain its shape after you sit down on it. For back cushion, down is ideal because it is fluffy.

Polyurethane foam is inexpensive, and a filling that is easy to care. High-resilient (HR) foam, on the other hand, is more costly but it guarantees comfort and durability. The best choice, perhaps, is to go for an HR foam that has a layer of down.

Find the Right Fabric

Find the Right Fabric

For you to make your sofa last for decades, you should choose the best textile for it. Cotton and linen are the best choices for a sofa textile out there, but they can wear if mixed with a cheap synthetic microfiber.

However, you can find a superior synthetic microfiber that is durable and stain-resistant. Also, wool and leather are stylish and durable, but a little bit expensive than the others.


The sofa has become one of the most important furniture pieces not only in the living room but also in any other home spaces. It provides comfort, function, and style. Therefore, it is essential that you know what to look for the best buy.

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