Importance of Environmental health

Importance of Environmental health

It really sad seeing people wearing the mask to protect their health, is environment not trustworthy enough now?

Well, it is said that it changes are for the betterment, earlier there were not machines who could make man’s work easier and reduces the effort. But with the change of time, industrial revolution started, more and more machines started to work to finish anything faster than any man could do. But with machines, more pollution started to grab the world and the people living in it.

Now after seeing the immense pollution around the world, people changed their mindset and started to going green, buying organic and are even protecting the environment for many harsh reasons.

And it is sacrosanct to improve your and your family life and this you can do by following few of the steps daily:

  1. Let your car be at home: Well, I don’t find any point when a single person is going with his SUV or MUV to his office, this leads in adding 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide or other hazardous gases to the environment with each mile.
    Controlling this can result in the huge impact on the environment. Make sure if you are going on short trips, then use the bike or walk instead of taking out a 4 wheelers. This will even result in the good impact on your health too. Practically riding your bike at 6 miles per hour can help you in reducing 240 calories. Whereas walking at 2-3 miles per hour can help you burn 300 calories or more every hour.
  2. Think and drink: Well, nowadays, people are more caring about drinking bottles from plastic bottles and moreover when feeding a newborn with plastic bottles. Drinking water in a plastic water bottle is useless and complete waste of money.
    Now, what can you do here? But an environmental friendly stainless steel water bottle when you roam around. Now for eating hot stuff, you can keep a thermos rather than disposable coffee cups or plastic lids as they are thrown out every year.
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  1. Switch something to more healthy: Let me make you aware with something that most of you might not know is that perfluorinated chemicals are used on clothes to keep them wrinkle-free, but it is toxic to the environment and even links with health disease like cancer.

Getting used to natural fabrics is more likely to improve the environment as most of them are eco-friendly. Well, it requires lots of pesticides to produce cotton. To find out some stores near you who provide fabrics without adding chemicals like hemp, organic cotton, wool, or silk.

  1. Hand on organic food or locally grown food: It is not new to you that fruits and vegetables travel thousands of kms from states to states or other countries before displaying in the marketplace. What this actually means is you are eating them after weeks they picked, and if you buy such stuff with farmers’ market, then it is considered to be fresh picked.

Here, you will have an opportunity to ask your farmer if the fruits or vegetables you have purchased is organic or is produced under pesticides or other chemicals that can hamper your health and even the environment.

  1. Water and environment need to be clean: Insects and mosquitos popping around the water are even hazardous to environmental health and body health. Water that you drink is not completely purified some of the unwanted stuff still remains in it. So make sure to have clean and clear water and environment.
  2. Apply some old cleaning method: Even when you are using harsh chemical cleansers, eventually they also have some chemical components in it that ruin the environment, and the research says that they even tend to have some health issues like skin rashes or even asthma.
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Earlier even cleansers were used, and they were not at all harmful, such white vinegar or any natural soap added in some baking soda and salt to clean floors, glass and other things too.

  1. Make the world a better place to live: What you can do here is, can plant trees in your garden and the research say that having more trees can result in having good environment and health. Having more trees will have to more shades and eventually reduces your air conditioners bills. So having more trees will lead to washing off the carbon dioxide and creating oxygen, also quality water and friendly atmosphere in the surrounding.
  2. Avoid meat to protect the environment: Saying no to meat can really help in improving the environment, and the research even says that vegetarian food has less obese and lower cholesterol and even prevent heart disease. But make sure to have a proper vegetarian meal for proteins when you are cutting off from meat. You can use ingredients like eggs, soy food, beans, and butter.
  3. Use organic stuff to clean clothes: Nowadays the powder which most of the people are using contains chemical like perchloroethylene or perc, and they remain in the fabrics after they are washed. It harms your skin when you wear it and even harms the environment.


Why is the importance of environmental health necessary? First let me tell you what all comes in an environment (Forest, plants, animals, water, and our ecosystem), and all these elements are equally important for better living. Hampering anything will affect the health of the environment.

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Having complete control over air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution will result in a better living and fresh atmosphere.

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