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yahoo notepad

Where is my “to-do list?

Yahoo Notepad is an application or feature of your Yahoo account to take note while working which you can access anytime in the near future. This allows you to write and organize notes from your daily life and work. This is quite similar to your conventional sticky note and a web-based version of your windows’ sticky note. This is the best part of using Yahoo Notepad that you can save it and use it later. Using any computer and internet connection; you can access your Yahoo Notepad. Essentially, you need to be a registered Yahoo user.

This makes your life easier. Earlier, it was a typical problem with all of us as being human. We couldn’t be able to recall what idea we were thinking or we quickly jot down the idea, but unable to find it in the note book. In fact, once I was thinking it would be great if I can access my Windows’ sticky note from everywhere rather carrying my laptop. Yahoo did it for us. Yahoo brought the idea of Yahoo Notepad which you can access from anywhere without even carrying your laptop. You need a valid account with Yahoo and you are done.

We are giving you a quick guide to learn and use Yahoo Notepad. If you don’t have a Yahoo account; get one quickly and start using Yahoo Notepad.

Step 1 – Open Notepad

The first step is to open the Yahoo Notepad. You can do it in two ways. One is you can directly go to Notepad and second is to access from your Yahoo mail account.

  • If you wish to go directly to Yahoo Notepad
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Simply visit the Yahoo Notepad page using this link

  • If you wish to access Yahoo Notepad from the new Yahoo Mail then you need to go to your Yahoo mail account. Here you may need to add Notepad to your Applications list. From the left column after signing-in, click on the “Applications” option, this will open the applications gallery. Then search for the Notepad application and then click on Add at the right of its name. After that Yahoo Notepad can now be accessed from “Applications” in the left column.

Step 2 – Add a Note

Here you can choose Add Note to write the note you wish. This Add Note will open a simple text editor for further writing. Here you are directed to write the Title of the Note for better arrangements of your notes and later easier search. After the title, you will write the actual Note.

Step 3 – Save the Note

Once you are done with writing your note, you should not forget to save it. You can later, view and edit your notes.

Step 4 – Add Folder

You need to think of arranging your notes in a folder. This helps you to search them easier in future.

Step 5 – Edit Note

This could be possible that you want to make some changes in your note or maybe you are interested to add some more information in it. You just need to click on a particular note from the list; you will find the text editor which can be used to revise and edit the note.

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Step 6 – Print the Note

Yahoo Notepad gives you the option to print your notes. This is really interesting. Simply click on the Print button, and you will get a printable version of the note with specific Yahoo logo at the top and Yahoo copyright on the bottom.

If you need any help, you may contact here for any kind of yahoo mail help.

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