Technology 101: Four Ways to Automate Your Home with a Smartwatch


“Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets”-Neil Degrasse Tyson

Since the inception and rise of the smartwatch, individuals can now perform a range of various multitasking activities with the aid of this gadget. For the most part, smartwatches have been marketed towards athletes and gym buffs seeing as it has been heavily promoted as a fitness device. However, the diminutive device is capable of so much more than just counting your steps? A lot of you might find this surprising, but your smartwatch actually gives you the avenue of making your homes more automated. With the aid of an app, it would be possible for you to control things such as lights, thermostats and motion detectors with the device around your wrist.

With the device, users can create a chain of statements designated as “recipes”. These are activated based on changes to other Web services such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Gmail. With the IFTTT (If this then that) app, you can create recipes. Download the DO app ad then find a recipe on your iPhone. Click the icon and then add it. If you want a wider selection for recipe search, you can simply utilize the search icon.

Here are some of the ingenious ways you can automate your house with the use of your smartwatch:

  1. Control your lights

Philip Hue users are at an advantage as there are already some DO recipes readily available at their disposal. The recipes would include turning your lights on and off, blinking your lights or having it dimmed. Add these to your list of recipes and then follow the directions as indicated. However, remember that each of these recipes would require your Philips Hue account. Moreover, you would also need to specify which lights you would want to be controlled by the recipe whether it would be individuals ones or all of them.

  1. Change the temperature

Smart thermostats are incredibly useful so that you can regulate your home’s temperature. In this regard, should you be returning home on a hot and scorching summer day, you would not have to contend with the stifling heat as you can readily turn on the air-conditioning on your way home. One of the most popular thermostats available on the market and it happens to be the popular choice among IFTTT users as well. To regulate your home’s temperature, automate tasks including setting your nest thermostat to whatever temperature setting you wish. Alternatively, you can opt to quickly set your thermostat to seventy degrees.

  1. Secure your homes

Nowadays, a home without modern security or surveillance cameras is a sitting duck. Contemporary homes have installed them in an effort to ward off intruders and potential robbers from marking their homes as a target. In this regard, homeowners have elected to monitor their homes from their laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Most of these security systems are controllable via the smartwatch (including Myfox Security, Camio, and Homeboy). Among the multitude of tasks you can try on your smartwatch are: sounding an alarm, disabling your system, arming your security system, commence the recording of your cameras among others.

  1. Doing the laundry from your smartwatch

It might not seem like the most practical thing to do, but for individuals who are perpetually on the go, this is the only plausible alternative. Most busy individuals would dump their laundry either on the washer and dryer when they are heading to work in the hopes that when they return, their clothes would be clean and dry. However, in their rush, they might forget to turn the washer or dryer on. With a smart device such as the smartwatch, you can click on that button and perform a series of steps from your smartwatch.

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