Old ones can turn young again: Here are 10 benefits of Massage

Old ones can turn young again: Here are 10 benefits of Massage

Who will not like lying down on a comfy table for an hour or more and a beautiful therapist rubbing her hands over your body? Yes, it sounds amazing but factually it is the best thing you can do for your health. You will be served with a handful of health benefits by getting massages.

Massage is considered as a traditional practice coming from early as 2700 B.C. Massage was actually used to treat injuries and terminal conditions. The earlier massage was used in sports and for war injuries. Backrub treatment keeps on holding its place as a standout amongst the best, sheltered and regular approaches to treat mental and physical diseases, for example, push, torment, tension and stress.

Massage therapy is even better for seniors

Well, benefits of relaxation and massage have been said to decrease stress in the body and reduce the negative effects of anxiety, depression and also digestive disorders. Many studies have said massage really helps in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. It increases the blood flowing to the limbs to supporting the body immune and nervous system.

Here are 10 advantages of massage therapy for seniors

  1. Enhance the blood flow to limbs: Well, having good blood circulation is very important for any senior citizen. Massage therapy really helps in improving the blood flow into the limbs.
  2. Relax hard muscles and tissues: Well with age, people become less active, so this result in muscles hardens and gets tighter. Now, what massage does is it soften the muscles and tissues and the tissue by increasing blood flow to the area and finally reduces all body tension.
  3. Makes balance and gain better: Falling is the most seen thing happens to any senior, as the bones become weak with the age. Well, with the help of massage, it increases the blood flow and this helps to improve proprioception or the body parts position, this makes your balance better and reduces the falling ability.
  4. Enhance the feeling of caring and comfort: Surprisingly, there are people who look forward to producing feeling of caring and connection. Many seniors are very much touch-deprived after the loss of their wife or partner. A touch of the massage basically helps you in relaxation.
  5. Encourage the nervous system: Well, massage therapy stimulate endorphin, hormones, and neurotransmitter and these are beneficial for the working of the nervous system. Research has always been supporting the claim that massage produces hormones that really benefits the body.
  6. Helps in stroke recovery: Usually, humans are asked to be on bed rest for about 48 hours after the stroke because of fear of another one. But that has flipped away and now the seniors are asked to get up and move again. The major reason why this therapy is needed because it stimulates affected areas.
  7. Make you sleep well: Well, there is not only relaxation benefit on a massage table, many times it is seen that some of the patients are really helped with dementia sleep through the night.
  8. Improve the flexibility: As we know that muscles get tighten due to inactiveness of the body, so it is very much necessary to make them relax. Having a massage can help your muscles and joints to get soften and result in the good amount of motion in the daily routine life.
  9. Helps in your immune support: The study says that the ratios of people who take massage are sick far less than people who don’t. Having a good massage result in removing a lot of toxins and even helps in improving your immune system.
  10. Help in arthritic pain: Well it is said that massage can never cure arthritic pain but it helps in giving relief to the burning condition. Concentrating on expanded bloodstream to the joints and warming influenced regions has demonstrated advantages in torment alleviation for that anguish from joint inflammation.

Attention Guys! How to enhance the benefits of massage therapy

Let me tell you a fact that coupling massage therapy relaxing measures helps in improving the positive effects. Well, you can reduce your negative effects of stress on the body with the help of Tai Chi, craniofacial therapy.

Conclusion: Just to make you clear that regular massage can help in reducing the pain of all ages, from a hardworking athlete to the cook working in the house. Massage is all time better than medicines, people are not much use to massage, but once they get it, they become habitual to it. Remember that one-to-two hours of massage can make all that you do less distressing and less difficult, enabling you to be more gainful with whatever is left of your day!

Let me feed you something more that, if you are looking forward to having such amazing service, then I would personally suggest you have the best massage therapy in Toronto. Most massage lovers go to that place to receiving all the relief in their body and mind.

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