The Ultimate Buying Guide of Socket Set

buying socket set

Hand tools are essential for every DIYer, homeowner, and builders. They help one to get the job done in the shop, garage, and home. A socket is a hand tool which attaches to a wrench to tighten or loosen a nut, bolt, screw, etc. A collection of the different sized socket, wrenches, socket bit and accessories is called a socket set. When you purchase a good socket set, you will get a collection of a different sized socket, ratchet, and accessories that will help you with a variety of different job. But choosing a quality socket set is not an easy task because lots of socket sets are available in the market. We have conducted research to find out the best socket set available in the market. We have considered several factors to rank them. You can consider before buying a socket set. socket set

Things to consider for choosing the best socket set for you:

1) Drive size:

The drive is the square hole. It connects a socket to the ratchet or wrenches. There are five different drive size available in the market. They are the ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1″.standerd Drive size is 3/8″ which cover the majority of the socket. You should make sure your drive socket size match with the drive square size ratchet.

2) Points:

Most of the sockets come with either 6 points hexagonal or 12 points bi-hexagonal.6 point socket is more useful than 12 point socket because it fit well against all sides of nuts, bolts, screws. But 12 point gives you more convenience than 6 points socket. Depend on your need you can choose yours.

3) Impact Sockets:

If you want to use an electric ratchet than you need to purchase an impact socket set .but if you are sure that you will only work manually then you need not purchase impact socket set.

4) Number of Pieces:

Different people have different needs. Some people may need a socket set which includes few common sizes socket; on the other hand, other people may want a socket set which includes every standard size. Based on your need you should make your decision.

5) Price:

Price is an essential factor to be considered .your budget will determine which socket set is perfect for you. A large size socket set needs a large budget.

6) Warranty:

A good socket set is backed by a warranty. Some manufacturers provide lifetime warranty which proves their trust on the quality of the product.

7) Ratchet tooth size:

When you buy a socket set, you should consider ratchet tooth size. You can easily ignore ratchet head invisibility. A lot of a number of teeth is better since increasingly (and along these lines littler) teeth takes into account a shorter backswing. That is particularly essential when you’re working in tight quarters, where you don’t have a considerable measure of space to swing the handle back to get the following “chomp” on the nut or fastener.

8) Six-Point or Twelve-Point Sockets:

Twelve-point attachments work extraordinary for most family unit repairs and activities,” says TFH inhabitant gearhead Rick Muscoplat. “In any case, for vehicle, cutter or bike repairs, I utilize six-point attachments. They have thicker dividers and apply compel to the level shoulder of the hex fastener/nut rather than the corners. So I can apply more torque without adjusting off shoulder corners

Final Verdict: we give you information about how to choose socket set. You need to understand what you should buy according to your desire. I think this article help you to make a better decision for buying socket set.

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