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In the nature of businesses today, meetings and business travels cannot be avoided. If a company from Manila has a client in Mindanao, a representative will occasionally go to business trips in Mindanao for meetings and the likes. It is undeniable that MICE business travels already became a part of all business processes around the world.

With the hype of MICE business travels, it is a must that companies have a guide on which venues they should consider in holding their meetings, incentives, conferences, and events. That is why this article is reviewing one of the most popular MICE hotels in the Philippines: Solaire Resort and Casino.

Solaire Resort and Casino have always been known not just for their outstanding services and amenities, but also for their tireless efforts to make MICE business travels more convenient and comfortable. For this hotel and resort review, let’s take a closer and honest look at what Solaire Resort and Casino can offer in terms of services and amenities for MICE business travels.

This Casino Hotel and Resort review will cover not just the amenities for MICE, but also all those that are available in the place. There are always plenty of time for all the fun and recreational activities after the business meetings, right? So here it is:

  1. Meeting venues for a group of four people or less. Solaire has a complete package when it comes to meeting venues. For a group of four people or less, they have a very comfortable room with sofas, good lighting, and a small table. This small venue is very homey that the meeting will feel like a common leisure time at your home. There will be lesser stress.

  2. Meeting venues for a group of ten people or less. Do you need a function room for your business leaders’ meeting? Or perhaps a room for your TV conference meeting with your clients? Function rooms for group medium-size group meetings are available at Solaire Resort and Casino. The function room is complete with a TV with a camera and loud speaker for the TV conference. Pads and pens are also provided. Food and necessities are also included in their service. Your team can have a smooth meeting while being pampered with food and comfort.

  3. A hall for forums, dinner meetings, and exhibition events? Solaire has it all! Whether it is a hall for more or less than one hundred people, Solaire can always provide. Even if your team needs a function hall suchlike theater halls, dining halls, or forum halls, Solaire can provide the complete accommodation. These function halls are complete with the high-quality sound system, comfortable chairs and tables, and even microphones for each and everyone!

  4. Solaire’s food. A meeting venue review will not be complete if their food menus and food ratings are not discussed. Well, Solaire’s buffet and all their restaurants in the hotel are current at 4+ rating at, which is an online portal for the best restaurants in the country. A 4+ rating in this website can mean that Solaire’s food is really good!

  5. Enough with the function rooms and halls. Let’s go to Solaire’s Rooms and Suites. MICE business travels do not only mean business meetings and forums. This also means that you need a place to stay after all of this work-related meetups. Regarding that, Solaire is ready to take you in! Their room rates explain all that you need to know concerning the rooms and suites’ quality. The rates are quite demanding, but these prices are at par with the comfort their high-class rooms can offer to guests.

  6. Solaire’s Casino and available Recreational activities. After all the seriousness, let’s go to the fun part of the MICE business travel. If there will still be time for some Casino leisure and recreational activities, everyone should try it! Their Casino plays games like Craps, Texas Hold-em, Pontoon War, Caribbean Stud Poker, Black Jack, and many more! As for the recreational activities available, their Azure Pool, Wellness Spa, and onsite gym will keep you energized and relaxed.

Business travels are always stressful. Even if business travels bring you the excitement of being in a new place, the meetings and work-related activities will drain you every single day. That is why it is important to choose the best and the most comfortable place to stay and hold your meetings. The venues will always help in lessening the stress and in keeping people free from too much exhaustion. Overall, can give you that. For your next MICE business travel, at least you would know where you can go!

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