Chris Oyakhilome, Man of Miracles

Chris Oyakhilome, Man of Miracles

Pastor Chris oyakhilome

When people hear that name, it is immediately affiliated with miracles, which is something this man is known for. Chris is known to people as many things, a healer, a teacher, a minister, but namely as a preacher of God.

Pastor Chris has made it his sole responsibility to spread the word of god thru positive vibes of deep empathy for others, healing of the soul, and realization of Whom created the sun, moon, and stars: GOD. For more than 30 years, Chris Oyakhilome has influenced the hearts of many, namely thru his book Rhapsody of Realities, which has sold millions of copies. His main goal is to enlighten the minds of those who would be deemed misguided and open them to a more fulfilling way of life, thru meditation, and the word of Christ.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has many ways of reaching his enlightened ones, but most recently this was done thru an event hosted by the Worship and Communion Miracle Service(WCMS), which proved to be a huge success with the masses. About 100,000 people attended this holy event, both physical and digital in nature; there was an option to attend via an online stream at no charge.

Chris Oyakhilome was expected to arrive anytime during the evening, to the night of that day. In hindsight, Seven Overflows were prepared by a Christ Embassy Pastor, (who is also a member of the preparation team), which was said by him to have been nearly finished by nightfall. This is the second WCMS in Zimbabwe, the first being an international one in the UK.

Tom Amenkhienan and Evangelist Eddy Owase were reverends by Chris Porteges, who jetted them several weeks ago to spectate the progress. “God will bring his blessing upon our nation at this service,” says The Pastor, as he comes to his people in the form of powerful words of the lord that affect even the most astray of minds, gentle, yet firm in his journey to guide the misguided.

Pastor Chris is more than just a “Preacher”. To the misguided or ill-informed, he’s just another Pastor spreading the word of god-like any other, but, to those who know him, or have had the amazing experience of listening to him speak, they would argue a different story. When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome talks, he doesn’t speak to your ears, he chants at your soul. And the acts of live healing he performs are nothing short of a miracle, imbuing hope, peace, and prosperity into the lives of thousands of onlookers and true believers.

The Pastor pioneered the first 24-hour Christian Network from Africa in 2003, which gave rise to 3 Love World TV satellite stations in the following places: The United Kingdom, Nigeria, and South Africa. These messages are available on the mobile platform, allowing millions of people to reach the wonderful message of salvation and guidance, opening minds, and changing lives.

In an ultimatum, the goal of Pastor Chris is made clear to all who would listen: To enlighten the minds of those who seek guidance in a time of error and astray.

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