How to Estimate Costs of Dental Treatments?

Estimate Costs of Dental Treatments

For most of us, going to the dentist is a necessary evil. Only when your tooth hurts you visit a dentist. But it is hard to know how much big hole it will cause in your pocket, as the dentist’s fees vary a lot from place and practice to practice.

The American people are investing a lot in their looks more than ever before. They are losing their teeth and their money in dentistry. They spend almost around $1 billion just to make their teeth white.

So, while a huge population investing their money in improving their smiles, there are those people who are also struggling to keep their teeth healthy and prevent oral diseases.

How Much Does a Dental Check-Up Cost?

Dentist’s fees depend on a lot of factors like location, overheads and the technology or method used. This means the cost of the same procedure can vary according to the time taken to perform or degree of difficulty.

What we found, according to ADA the average cost of the checkup is around $222 which includes oral examination, scaling and a fluoride treatment. You are likely to pay more fees if you see a specialist. Whereas in India it will cost you a very minimum.

As in the case of dental implants, which is in talks and raise the standards of dental rehabilitation is known to be very expensive worldwide. But in India, the dental implant cost is 3-4 times lesser than any other place in the world.


What is the Average Cost of a Trip to a Dentist?

Scale and clean – $67-$500

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Fluoride treatment – $28-$70

Restorations – tooth colored – $112-$300

Tooth Extraction – $130-$230

Root Canal Therapy- $150-$1800

Dentures – $230-$1500

Braces – upper and lower plus retainer – $300-$13000

*Average fees based on the ADA’s 2018 dental fee survey

Can I Get Subsidized Dental Treatment?

Many countries provide a range of national health schemes and insurance plans. In some cases, basic dental care is even free of cost. The private insurance plans cover a little amount of expenditure. Therefore, you can indulge in some other following ways to save the extra cost.

  • Find a dental savings plan
  • Go to a local dental school
  • Go to a dental service organization
  • Talk to your dentist

How Often You Should Go to the Dentist?

These days it is recommended to have a trip to the dentist every six months. But since everyone has different oral health risk levels and needs the frequency of checkups is different. The suggestion is to talk to your dental professional about your health status and follow-ups.

Is My Dentist Overcharging?

Many people are unaware of the set dental prices Hence it makes it difficult for them to know whether if their dentist is overcharging. However, dentistry is a costly business, the dental fees vary on where and how the dentist works

How to Find a Good Dentist?

Dental expenses are a big factor, but it is not the solely important one. You need to look for some other things as well.

  • Is the clinic hygienic and clean?
  • Does the dentist have a good rapport with patients?
  • Have they clearly informed you about any risks involved?
  • Do they provide you with all the possible treatment?
  • Do they answer your questions and reasons for their recommendations?
  • Do they make sure that you agree to all the charges and treatments before starting?
  • Check your dentist is registered
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Remember, you have all the right to ask. Do not be afraid inquiring about any recommended treatment.

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