Get the Trendy Real Estate Apps on your Mobile–When the world is so much app-friendly, why will real estate be far behind

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How one of the foremost industries of the world could be lagging behind in terms of technology

When the entire world is a prisoner to the variations innovations in technology and the trends it brings with it, it is expected that the real estate industry would be part of the same flow. Every consumer these days no matter what the product or service expects information at the tips of their fingers. Gone are the days when people would visit agents and banks to find out about a particular property or a piece of land.

Data is the key to more or less every informed decision and why should it be any different for that aspiring real estate investor who needs to know which is the best area to buy a new property. Now, with a few flicks of a tab or cell phone all the data needed and much more is available in a matter of a few seconds. To make matters even simpler, there are various real estate apps that are doing the rounds these days, and they seem to have been heartily accepted by its users. Some of these apps are mentioned below. The one common thing to all of them is that they can be used on phones that use IoS and Android.

Magic Bricks App

One of the leading real estate websites in India would be expected to have one of the best apps as well

This app allows both sellers and buyers alike to operate on a common platform and provides enough options for whatever the need may be- as long as it is related to real estate in India though. The Magic Bricks apps allow the user to use smart integration and locate properties with the help of GPS along with providing other options like intelligent filters and multiple views. Some of the key features include one tap contact with the concerned person, access to latest property trends and creating alerts. The USP of this app though is definitely the fact that users have access to the highest number of listings in the country. What’s more, this app got updated on the 19th of May, 2017.

99acres App

Another major player in the real estate industry, another major real estate app

99acres gives people another superb option to choose from in terms of real estate apps. The app was updated on the 2nd of May 2017 and some of the new features in this latest version include better performance in areas with slower network and being able to access recently viewed properties and contacts without the use of the internet. The USP of this app would probably be its option of providing pictures of the area in which a particular property is listed.

Property Tiger App

The app almost lives up to the reputation of the animal that forms part of its name

Another hot option to fall back on when looking to make that next investment in real estate. One of the newer players in town and what they lack in quantity, for the time being, they make up in quality. Expect an update for this app sometime in the near future since it was last updated in October 2016 and hadn’t added any new features apart from fixing a few bugs.

Common Floor App

This app helps customers look for over half a million listings seamlessly

Common Floor has recently revamped their entire app, and it was updated in March 2017. This should see an increase in the number of users since a lot of glitches and issues from the past have been addressed, and users can now look forward to a refreshing experience while browsing through this app which provides listings from over 200 cities in India. Whatever your search criteria, this app should fulfil it. App

This app is also amongst the most popular apps for real estate. Being named aptly has its advantages it seems

Another major helping hand to help select that new dream home or make that next real estate investment. The last update which was done in April 2017 brought with it features like logging in via phone number and OTP, building search, developers in Bangalore and contacted properties appearing in the Favourite section. The USP of this app is that accepts non-Indian phone numbers as well to register and login.

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