Innovative Home Design Ideas for Your Home

Innovative Home Design Ideas for Your Home

When people think about designing their home they might think of general design or focus on a particular area like a living room, bedroom or kitchen. However, designing the interiors and exteriors of a home is not an easy task. Before designing our home we must find some ideas to customize the interiors of our home to make it more comfortable, spacious and beautiful.

Focal Point

focal point


The focal point of your living room is the most emphasizing feature that steals the sight when someone walks into the room. To make your living room look fabulous, you need to find its focal point and decorate it with strong colors and some eye-catching accessories. The focal point may be a fireplace, a large window, a bookshelf, a large mirror or a piece of artwork in the middle of a wall.

If you don’t have a focal point in your room you can create one. For example, you can paint a wall with a different color or you can make a bookshelf or hang a large painting on your wall. Now you need to decorate it with things that attract attention. You can place a shiny metallic candle stand on the fireplace or frame your window with art pieces or hanging plants.

Hanging Arts

hanging arts


If you are fond of hanging art pieces, you can use some beautiful hanging arts in your room. But one thing you need to make sure is to keep their center at eye level so that it is easy to view. You may use multiple pieces of hanging arts but keep the center point of the whole arrangement at the eye level. If you want to use one above your sofa, make sure there is minimum 5 to 10 inches of space between the art piece and furniture.

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Negative Space

negative space


This is the area usually ignored by most people. Negative space is the area that is not supposed to be taken by any subject. Mostly it is the empty white area on your walls that speaks for itself. Some areas of your house may look good when cleared off.  The best way to make most of the negative space is to clear off the clutter from your tables and shelves. Negative space can also be used to highlight a nearby decorated area.




Using different types of lights can give your rooms and living space a perfect look and ambiance. House builders gold coast can find multiple types of designer lamps in the market but basically, there are three types of lights. Ambient lights that are the general type of lights used to illuminate a room or space. Second are the task lights that are used to light a specific task such as a reading area, kitchen countertops or cupboards. Last is the Accent lights that are meant to highlight a particular object, for example, paintings, fireplace or focal points of a space.

Proper lighting can offer beautiful ambiance to your living space. You should use a combination of ambiance lights, task, and accent lighting in your rooms to make them look attractive.

Hanging Curtains

hanging curtains


Curtains can be tempting and eye-catching but you should know which colors of curtains suits best for your rooms. Your curtains should match the color of your walls to some extent but not completely. If you use plain curtains, they should be in contrast with your wall colors. If you like to use printed curtains, they should contain the color of your walls in its design.  Light shades of curtains look good on dark colored walls and vice versa.

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When it comes to design your house, proper measurements are important to make your rooms and living space look better. For example, proper space should be maintained between coffee table and sofas, proper length of curtains should be used for doors and windows. Your television screen should be mounted at a viewable distance from your sofa set so that you can view it comfortably while sitting there.

These are some of the basic design ideas that you can use to home designs Brisbane of the interiors. We hope that using these ideas, you will definitely steal the attention of every person visiting your home and make it a better place to live.

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