Home Improvement: Three Seemingly Easy Home Repairs You Should Never DIY

home repair

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” –Unknown Author

It is inevitable that our homes would experience the stages or wear and tear as time goes on. Stuff will eventually break, some of your home utilities would need to be replaced, and your home might suffer damage—especially if it has experienced the brunt of a natural calamity. All of these would require your immediate attention—and more often than not, your money to finance and facilitate the repairs. Often, it is the latter requirement that compels us to take the alternative DIY route in doing the necessary upkeep as we are all-too-often under the misguided belief that it would come out much cheaper. Unfortunately, this would only be true should you be well-versed about the repair projects you are about to do in your home. But should you be an amateur (or a novice even) at these repairs, then you would possibly be looking at more than just an exorbitant repair bill to pay, you could potentially be paying with your life.

DIY enthusiasts in particular always love to challenge themselves and would almost always ask how hard it could be when approaching a perceivably easy home repair. However, there are some repairs that are best left to the professionals if you do not want to end up with an even bigger damage or worse, lose a finger in the process. Whether you doing repairs for your Makati condo or anywhere else, here are some of the repairs you should never attempt to do yourself:

1.) Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs need to be addressed immediately as it is one of those problems that can quickly rack up a repair bill when not caught in time. Even the smallest leak can potentially cause you thousands of pesos if it remains unnoticed. Minor repairs such as replacing faucets and changing showerheads are all easily manageable. However, modifying the plumbing system such as extending hot water lines or rerouting sewer pipes is something you should leave to the professional plumbers. Take note, if you work with hot water that means copper pipes which require a blow torch. If you have no prior welding experience, then steer clear from doing this yourself.

2.) Electrical Repairs

Regardless of whether a repair is big or small, if it involves electricity, then it must be approached with utmost caution. Small problems such as changing the light bulb or light switch are things you can pull off provided that you take the necessary precaution first (turning off the power before starting). However, repairs that go beyond the realm of installing a simple fixture or changing light bulbs would require the expertise of a proper professional such as electricians. In some cases, you cannot even do a particular repair as it would require you to get a permit which only professional electricians carry.

3.) Roofing Repairs

Perching yourself high above the roof is already precarious enough, and it would put you in a situation wherein it would be easy for you to fall off. Complement that with roof repair work being done in the hands of a novice, and it would be a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, it is hardly recommended for individuals with no prior experience in roofing repairs to start undertaking the task themselves. It requires precision and balance—after all, it would not be easy to go up and down while carrying your tools with you. Furthermore, it can be incredibly taxing, and when you are tired, you are more susceptible to making mistakes and slipping. So, if you have any roofing repairs, it is best to leave it to the professionals and save yourself from the potential fall and injury.

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