How Does Charter Spectrum Voice Work

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Telephonic communication is one of the most important needs in our lives today. Whether it’s a business call to a colleague, a personal conversation with your spouse or an emergency call to a security agency in a dire situation – the first thing you need in most of the circumstances is communication with someone who isn’t physically present where you are.

Gone are the days when the telephonic conversation was either not possible or way too expensive for you to freely convey your message to the other person miles away from you. However, today it has become rather easy to be able to reach the person you intend to via phone, wherever he or she is around the world.

Thanks to companies like Charter Spectrum that provide services and bundles like Charter Triple Play, where you can actually get your hands on to Charter Spectrum Voice, the internet, and cable TV at affordable prices.

What is Charter Spectrum Voice?

Since we have our beloved friends and family all over the world, we always want to stay in contact with them even if we are not able to see them that often.

By opting for this service from Charter Spectrum, you can get unlimited telephonic access nationwide, and also up to 70 countries internationally including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, most European nations, Asia, Hong Kong, etc. Apart from this, if you go for Charter Spectrum Voice service, you also get access to 411 directories assistance, voicemail and readable voicemail, private listing and a lot more.

All of this comes really handy especially when you’re looking for the best internet plans available, and you have the option of Voice calling and Cable TV offered as a bundle at very affordable rates. Yes, that’s right, with Charter Double Play and Charter Triple Play bundles, you can enjoy nationwide and international calling, real fast and stable internet and cable TV that gives you up to 200 channels.

Charter Spectrum Voice Features:

Apart from the usual voice calling service, Charter Spectrum Voice gives you a lot of other features as well that can be really helpful in some different ways.

  • Voicemail: This has become a need today, as most of the time we might not be near the phone and might miss an important call. So with this option, the person who wanted to talk to you over phone call can leave a message for you so that you can receive his or her message whenever you have access to the phone.
  • Selective/All Call Forwarding: At times, you might be away from home, but because someone might not have your cell number, he or she would try to reach you via landline number. Using this feature, you can have all your home phone calls forwarded to the number that you have access to, just to ensure your important calls aren’t missed. If you go for the Selective Call Forwarding option, only those calls will be forwarded to you that you wish to receive right away. 
  • Block Anonymous/Unwanted Calls & Nomorobo: By using these various options, you can now get rid of all unwanted calls, whether it’s someone you don’t wish to talk to or those automated sales calls that many brands have opted to use these days due to its cost effectiveness. 
  • 3-Way Calling: If you cannot have an important conference face-to-face, no worries whatsoever – because Charter Spectrum Voice gives you this option of making a 3-way call and talk to two different people at the different physical location at the same time. Call hold feature is also available in this option. 
  • Backup Phone: This option allows you to add a backup phone number, just in case your Charter Spectrum Voice service is down for any reason.

These are just some of the features that are available to Charter Spectrum Voice customers. Apart from the options above, you will also get Speed Dial, VIP Ringing, Voice Online Manager, and Caller ID on TV, Simultaneous Ring, Do Not Disturb mode, etc.

These can come in really handy even if you have a rather expensive internet package at your home and you depend heavily on internet phone dialing services or software that allow phone is calling like Skype, Facebook, etc. This is because all of those services do have their downtime and maintenance durations, and at times the call quality you experience might not be the best.

So yes, even if you’re searching for the best internet plans and you do get one, still having a rather stable voice calling option would be really beneficial to you – particularly in those situations when you have to make a phone call right away with no disruptions and delays.

As far as Cable TV and Internet is concerned, you can get those services too by going for Charter Triple Play bundles that will give you extra savings according to your use and preferences.

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