Some interior tips for nature lovers

Owning a house definitely is a onetime investment and believe it or not it rarely happens that one owns more than one house each of which is his/her dream home. So, why compromise with even one thing that you think if included in your house will contribute towards making it your dream home. Another question that pops up in our minds when we plan to buy a house is whether to buy a villa or an apartment. As mentioned above if you are making a onetime investment why not go for a premium one. For those looking to buy houses in Bangalore, Whitefield is becoming the favorite spot because despite being away from the hustle and bustle of the Bangalore city, Whitefield has become the new residential hub mainly because all the MNCs also have their offices functioning here.

Therefore, for those who do not like living in apartments and are ready to invest in a premium villa project, many options are available villa for sale in Varthur road. Luxury villas that live up to every expectation of being in a dream home are available here. Once a house is bought it is your responsibility to make it your home. For those who want to experience the calmness and serenity of nature that will give them a feeling of living in a super luxury space in nature’s lap, here are certain interior tips that will be useful to you.

Plants, a must have decoration items

Interior designers say that people though are lured by opulence and grandeur to a great extent, when it comes to selecting something for one’s own home, nature and minimalism is what first comes to the mind. Green is a colour that our eyes do not get bored of and another best thing of using plants for interiors is that they do not interfere with other design elements. Apart from purifying the air and adding a function and form to the space, they add colour that can complement any decor.

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Patios with a Natural touch

Patios are probably that part of the house which is loved most by both adults and kids. When the grownups like to sit on the patio in a large comfy chair and relax while reading a book or sipping coffee, kids like to play there. The patio area therefore is the best place to go green and feel attached to the nature each time you spend quality time there.  Placing a lawn, and innovatively arranging small flowering plants and succulents can enhance the feel of the place to a next level.

A small waterfall

Including all the elements of nature in the home is supposed to be very positive and is also said to be very good according to the Chinese vaastu. Including an indoor fountain, or giving a feel of rain inside the house, will definitely escalate the entire interior of the house to the next level and will also give a feeling of living in close accordance with nature. Fountains can be placed as the focal points of the entryway, living area or a divider between two spaces. A small waterfall can also be placed in the garden, which along with some plants to surround it will be a sight to behold.

Nature inspired colours as paints

Choosing a nature-inspired colour palettes for painting the home is also a good idea that will make you feel living close to nature. Moreover, such colours are very sober and therefore make the space feel bigger and those living there do not get bored of looking at them. Yellow tinted light green colours for the walls are a good idea. If you are a wallpaper person then there are hundreds of options available in market that are not loud and give a natural feel to the space. Opting for white sofas with curtains in green will also give a soothing feel to the room. Incorporating blue gives a feeling of soothing ocean waves and also looks very classy. Adding a bold element in green, yellow, coffee brown or orange will also work wonders.

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Nature inspired decor elements

According to your style and likes, natural elements can be incorporated in the decor very seamlessly. If you like rustic look, brick or stone walls can be a backdrop. Wood can also be used to give a more intense yet sophisticated look. Wood flooring with mahogany finish is an absolute stunner. One can also opt for traditional wooden furniture rather than the contemporary ones. Bathrooms that are supposed to relax and rejuvenate you can be made in such a way that they reflect your love towards nature. Wooden walls and an option of ample day light to sweep in are like bringing together various elements of nature under one roof.

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