Lions In India: Gir National Park, Lions Paradise

lions in india

Do you remember that very famous phrase from Disney’s The Lion King, “HAKUNA MATATA”? You all must remember this, our beloved Simba the lion, along with his friends Timon and Pumba singing and living his life in the jungle… And watching them all make us all wonder if we ever get a chance to see the beauty of Jungle in live, the answer is yes.

Gir National Park

Today in this post we are going to discuss the Gir National Park which is one of the most amazing national parks in India and which would bring all your childhood memories from The Lion Kind. Famous as the Royal Kingdome of the Asiatic lions, the national park is located in Gujarat. The national park is also denoted as Sasan Gir or Gir Forest and is serving as the most prominent dwelling place for many wildlife creatures. Established in 1965 the Gir National Park is the only home of the Asiatic Lions and is also known for protecting many exotic and rare species of animals.

History of Gir National Parks in Synopses

  1. The Gir National Park was the hunting ground of Maharajas of Junagadh and the British.
  2. Due to severe hunting of Lions, their population drastically decreases in 1899. As a result the killing of lions banned by the Maharajas and people were advised to save and protected the remaining lions.
  3. Post-Independence, Government of India permanently banned hunting and poaching in 1960.

Gir National Park in Present Time

  1. Today the national park is maintaining a unique ecosystem with diverse flora and fauna along with huge numbers of Asiatic lions in India.
  2. The government of India and many other NGOs are working on the population of lions. As a result, the lion’s population which increased to 359 in 2005 got rose to 523 in 2015.
  3. The lion breeding program is also conducting in the national park and it’s surrounded areas under which more than 180 lions have been bred in its captivity since its inception which is itself a huge milestone.
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Flora and Fauna of Gir National Park

The wildlife of the Gir National Park is something which is not easy to describe in words. Unique in its own way, Gir National Park is the home to many exotic species of wild animals where they can roam freely and safely. There are approx 2375 of fauna species of which 38 are mammals, 300 are birds’ species, 37 are reptiles and more than 2000 are insects. Such diversity under one sky will surely make your wildlife tourism in India a worth remembering.

The jungle is mostly famous as the house of Asiatic Lions which are the pride of India. Along with Lions, you can also spot Indian Leopards, Cobras, Sloth Bears, Jungle Cats, Golden Jackals, Striped Hyenas, and Ratels.

On the other hand, flora species of the jungle such as khair, dhavdo, timru, amla and much more comprised of rugged hills, forested valleys, grassland plateaus and isolated hilltops. The national park is also compacting with River Hiran which flows through-out the year. There are also open scrub and savannah type of grassland inside the park.

Attractions in and around Gir National Forest

  1. Kamleshwar Dam – The house of marsh crocodiles, this dam is serving as the lifeline of the reserve area.
  2. Tulsi Shyam Temple – Dedicated to Lord Krishna, is located near hot spring.
  3. Crocodile Breeding Farm – An appealing to a place where one can learn about the crocodiles’ breeding.

Here are some more attractions near Gir National Park –

  1. Somnath Jyotirling
  2. Dwarka, one of the seven holiest cities of Hinduism
  3. Jetpur, famous as textile town
  4. Girnar, A 12th century Jain Temples
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So, you all must have a fine idea about the very spectacular Gir National Park where while doing jungle safari will bring back your happy memories and brings excitement to watch our Lion King with his Lioness and Cubs.

Photo by Jason Wharam

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