7 Mistakes That Can Hamper Your Skin Glow This Winter

7 Mistakes That Can Hamper Your Skin Glow This Winter

Are you worried about looking good in winters?

Let’s have a look!

Winters are known for dry air that can make the skin dry and cracked. It steals the moisture away and lowers the skin’s ability to protect against the free radical damage.

If you are not careful during winters, then you could surely suffer from accelerated aging over the winter months.

By doing a few changes in your skin care routine, you can avoid the damage and keep your skin healthy and vibrant during the winter season. Make sure, you follow a nourishing routine, and avoid doing seven mistakes for a beautiful glow:

  • Avoid licking your lips

We often lick our lips without thinking, and this is horrible for your skin. The saliva evaporates and takes the moisture with it, and it contains enzymes, which helps in digesting the food – means ‘breakdown’. These enzymes do the same for our lips, and you end up with more dry and chapped lips than before.

Solution: Always carry a lip balm with yourself, and use it whenever you feel the urge to lick. Also, before choosing the perfect product, make sure it doesn’t have petroleum ingredients, as they can cause long-term dryness. Instead, look for honey, bee’s wax, Shea butter, aloe and natural oils.

  • Going out sunscreen free!

When we see the clouds are out, we tend to forget the sunscreen. After all, the sun is not visible, and we won’t be in sun rays. But always remember, even if the sun is not visible, it’s still there. Winters can be more dangerous, and UVA rays still come through, and they are responsible for aging and skin cancer.

Solution: Protect yourself by applying sunscreen every day.

  • Avoid using your summer skin care routine

Winter is a good season, but using the same summer skin essentials and routine is not the right way to treat your skin. The skin needs more moisture in winter, as the air is dry and tends to steal more hydration from the skin. If you fail to respond to these changes, then your skin will end up dry, dull, and damaged for your holiday get-togethers.

Solution: A good moisturizer is the best requirement you can give to your skin; you can choose lotion to cream, or liquid foundation over a powder. You can also add an anti-aging serum to boost the hydration, which will make your skin feel soft, smooth, and comfortable.

  • Avoid putting anything on flaky skin

Covering the flakes up seems easy, but it doesn’t work. Using any type of foundation, even liquid will only grab attention to the damaged skin. If you notice fakes on your skin, then either you are not exfoliating enough or the moisturizer is not working.

Solution: Exfoliate one-to-two times a week for a normal skin, but if you notice a flaky skin, then go ahead and exfoliate using a gentler product. Avoid the use of nut-based and plastic-based scrubs, as can cause damage and irritation, which can lead to redness and acne breakouts. So, look for Dead Sea mud or clay, papaya and other natural enzymes, fruit-based ingredients, oat ingredients, and essential oils. Just make sure, your moisturizer fulfilling the needs of your skin.

  • Don’t neglect your hands

Many people focus on their faces neglecting their hands. In the last few years, we have realized that hands can quickly betray our age faster. It’s time you extend your skincare routine to your hands, as they suffer more in winter weather. We wash them more often, in order to avoid getting sick, and we expose them without giving any extra care.

Solution: Make sure to carry a good, quality hand cream with you; use it after every time after hand wash. Avoid sanitizer, as they are alcohol based, and tend to dry the skin; warm water and soap will also work. Don’t forget to use hand care at night, so the cells get treated, and you get soft hands in the morning. Wear cotton gloves overnight to seal the moisture, if your hands are excessive dry.

  • Use a Humidifier

In winters, the dry air tends to pull the moisture from your skin, making it dry. Apply moisture and re-apply, as the air keeps stealing it away from your skin. So, use a humidifier in your room overnight, so that the dryness of your skin doesn’t get lost.

Solution: Use a Humidifier, that works for you and use it in your bedroom, and other rooms to hydrate the air.

  • Don’t ignore your feet

During winters, we wear boots, and shoes, and eventually forget about our feet. Feet are often the first part of our body to feel cold; the second you feel something is wrong with your feet, your whole body can feel it. So neglecting them will make it harder to get them in shape in the next spring.

Solution: A warm footbath can wash away all your stress in the winter and you can add some deep moisturizer and self-massage later. Add Epsom salts to your bath and soothe any kind of foot pain and soften skin, and regularly buff the soles to keep them soft and healthy.


You have numerous options to get that beautiful glow in winters from eating healthy to indulging in spas and hot stone Massage Therapy in Toronto ,  who are known for their special services. Doing them regularly will help you get that natural pink glow, and you don’t have to use expensive products or treatment.

Winter is indeed the very happening season, and we love to curl up in our blanket and enjoy the snow outside. Caring for our skin is a crucial step in all seasons, and following the above skin care tips will give you that glowing and natural blush skin this winter.

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