Old Version of Status Message is Rolled Back by the Messenger Platform

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The users of the WhatsApp instant messenger app back-lashed the new feature introduced by the service to its Status message.

The popular instant messenger app launched a new feature that is similar to the stories feature of the Instagram and Snapchat. According, the new feature the users cannot have text messages as their status- instead, they can have photos, GIFs, and video in the status option. Also, the status option is designed into a new tab similar to that of the calls and chats.

The other users in the contact list can reply to the stats by selecting the reply option that appears at the bottom of the page. Others can view the status message (image, video or GIF) for 24 hours, and then it disappears, and the users can insert 5 to 6 status messages within a day along with the time when it was set is also included in the new feature.

The new status feature was released by the company on its eightieth birthday on February 24th, 2017 and the big news was that even the status updates are protected by the end to end encryption service. However, the uniqueness of the WhatsApp messenger app was its simple user interface that was easy to use, unlike other messenger apps in the platform. The biggest hit for the messenger app is the ability to send instant messages at great speed with the simple interface because other app had complicated features.

But, now even the popular messenger platform is becoming complex to use with the latest updates and features like sharing different types of content formats, VoIP calls, and video chats. However, these features are part of the core functionalities of the service and the status feature gives a new dimension to the application and has transferred from a simple messenger to a broadcast and social media application that is similar to the Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. The other important fact about the new feature is that it will help the social media network, Facebook to include the ads in the messenger platform that are similar to the ones that are seen on Instagram or Facebook. A quick note: Facebook that owns WhatsApp and the messenger service earlier informed that the messenger platform will be free from ads.

New feature not so welcoming

WhatsApp clone script has launched its new feature expected that the users will enjoy the new change in the application interface, but their expectation failed. Many users opposed the new change in the status feature and wanted the old version of the status.

Within a week of its launch, the users of the messenger started to report it on the official page and in other social media platforms. Users who are not familiar with the Instagram and Snapchat stories were interested with the new feature, but a majority of the users criticized and mourned about the new feature that led the company to roll back to its new feature.

The company rolled back the feature for the iPhone users and week later brought back the old feature to the app, so the latest update for the iPhone users will bring back the text status feature back. To get the old feature once again, the users must download the latest version of the app from the App store- the WhatsApp version 2.17.10.

According to the upgrade description, the new feature is called ‘About, ’ and the update will have few more features like a new moon icon that will capture high definition video and photos even under low light condition, playing videos without downloading and 3D touch support to crop images directly. After the update, the new About option will be found in the Settings option, and it shows the latest updated status. The users can then edit the status message, and they can be quite sure that the status message will not disappear after twenty-four hours. And the other users in the messenger app can view the status by opening the other person’s contact, either by viewing the info in a group or by starting a new chat.

Both features are present

After the roll out of the new feature, the users can view both the old and new feature in the app. The parent company of WhatsApp rolled out the same update to the Messenger app early this month, and it is called the Messenger Day, and the feature is already present in Instagram.

For the past few months, Facebook is working seriously on various features, especially in its Messenger app to increase more users and make it interesting and fun as the other messenger applications in the platform. The company released two new features in the Messenger app called the Mentions and Message Reaction, also the company is working on the ability to add GIF messages on the comments section from the services like the Tenor and Giphy.

To get the old feature back, the user has to update the instant messenger app,

  • Once when the app is updated, the user must select the three dots that appear at the top right corner of the screen
  • And choose the Settings option and tap on the name or profile picture
  • About option appears
  • Edit the status message that will be the last status.

Latest features of the app

The messenger app rolled out a new feature that can even count the number of GIF, or photos or videos the user shares in the chat. And by clicking against the contacts, the users can see the number of texts, video, and other messages they have sent to the other person.

The company last year added some features like making video calls with the contacts and also added the voice over IP calls that require an only Internet connection. And furthermore, the app included a new feature that helps the users to edit the WhatsApp message before the recipient views the message. The WhatsApp users can revoke the messages in the messenger app, so when the click on the Revoke option it will recall the messages that were sent earlier and the messages will be deleted from both the ends. Therefore, the users need not worry about making mistakes while they send the messages in the messenger platform.

The WABetaInfo that leaks the new updates on WhatsApp messenger app informed that the app is working on yet another feature that will alert the contacts when the user changes their contact number. Though this feature is useful, it might be applicable in all cases, like when we try to hide the contact information from someone from the contacts list, they will probably get to know the new number, which is quite creepy.

According to the report, the new feature in the messenger app will prevent the user from hiding when they make modifications in their account. The WhatsApp Messenger app will notify the users in the contacts list when they update the profile or when they change the contact number. There are also rumors spread that the social media company and WhatsApp will add new facilities in the security settings in both the platforms. It is noted that after the purchase of the messenger app by Facebook, it included the end to end encryption service in the application platform.

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