Your next home could be a pet-friendly villament

Your next home could be a pet-friendly villament

In the housing market parlance, villas are segmented as upscale and posh. In Bangalore, the inventory of current homes to buy includes villament which are being sold in many projects around the city. They are a combination of being posh and practical dwellings. If you like the idea of living independently and are willing to pay the price, then such an investment is ‘purrfect’ or ‘pawfect’. There are villas near Bangalore airport that meet pet-friendly requirements of home buyers would need such dwellings. If your family cannot live without these four-legged love therapies (also called pets by those who do not have them) then a villament could be your second home. What makes them pet-friendly and worth the investment?

Pets are equal members of the family

There is no denying that having dogs (any breed will do!) and cats enliven a family atmosphere. In Bangalore, there is an affinity to have all sorts of pets. New home buyers are looking for dwellings that have designated space for their pets. After a hard day’s work, coming home to a pet which only shares unconditional love is enough to remove the tiredness. Within the city, the apartments are small and not really designed to accommodate pets. In residential complexes, only larger ones are capable of having some corridor space for them. The balcony is reserved for the odd parrot or caged lovebirds. Most people cannot have larger pets because of the space crunch. With the advent of the new villa, they can now think of bringing different breeds of dogs or cats or any other pets they desire. Thank god for real estate project developers who have been thoughtful to make this provision. The problem in apartments has always been more towards neighbors who complain about the dog barking endlessly or the cat who walks into an open door. Pet owners are hoping that rules will be relaxed by societies to let four-legged friends inside. The policies of many societies have a no pet rule and this is frustrating for many dogs and cat lovers.  Many residents have parted with their pets due to these strict rules. The new homes being constructed offer solace to many such owners. There are luxury villas in north Bangalore which can now bring happiness to pet owners. There are new styled villas that have space for pets. They will not feel constricted in the environment and can also enjoy the outdoor activities of their owners.

Lesser complaints of pets loitering!

A villa that has been designed for having a garden or a backyard is good for the pets. They can remain outside or come into the house whenever they feel. Healthy pets are equally important for owners. While the owners also enjoy the gardens so do the pets. In villas near the airport, the large common garden spaces are also available. Projects that have huge community gardens are ideal for pets to play around undisturbed. In fact, having outdoor and indoor spaces for pets within the environment is important. Even in such dwellings, there may be residents who do not like pets. They have their own privacy and the pets do not get in the way of them. It keeps pet owners happy as they do not get complaints about the pet.  If there are other pet owners, the pets and owners can also get friendly to one another. It is very important for the pet to come out in the sun every day. It gives them energy and they do not get irritable. We do not like to live in stuffy homes, and the pets also like their space.

Take the opportunity to move

If you are a pet owner and feel that it is a good idea to shift choose a villa near the airport. You will be glad to make the choice. There are other advantages that will be useful-like, conveniences of the clubhouse which offer gyms, fitness centers, sports facilities, spas to relax, gardens to meditate, restaurants and children play area make the villa complex self-contained. Genuine projects now have RERA numbers and are compliant with the authorities. This should definitely be the clincher to invest in such a project.

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