Five Popular Hotel Venues for Business Meetings

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Are you planning to have a business meeting in Paranaque? Don’t worry! MICE hotels in Paranaque are more than capable of giving you a high-class experience. Here are five popular hotels and venues for business meetings in Paranaque:

  • Solaire Resort and Casino. Solaire is by far the most popular MICE hotel in Paranaque. Many companies from all around the country are avid fans of this high-class resort and casino because of its beauty and quality service. This resort has many types of rooms for any meeting. For an executive session of 2 to 4 people, Solaire has a special room for it with comfortable sofas and a clean environment. For a group of more of less 20 people, Solaire offers a function room that is complete with all the necessities of a meeting. Solaire can also accommodate event forums. To top all that, they have a website that allows advance reservation! How convenient is that?

  • Red Planet Hotel Aseana City. This hotel comes next to Solaire regarding popularity. If there is one asset that this hotel boasts is its very strategic location. It is in the heart of Aseana City and is very near the Manila International Airport. They very much welcome international corporate visitors to hold their business meeting at the hotel. Red Planet Hotel also prides themselves for their very affordable price rates.

  • Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. This MICE hotel prides itself on having the capability of accommodating 100 to 200 guests in one function room. It is a perfect size for a forum or a company-wide meeting. They also have rooms that can accommodate small gatherings of a maximum of 12 people with a complete video and sound facility. Their online reservation system is also readily available to accept reservations in advance.

  • Nobu Hotel Manila: City of Dreams. Aside from housing many establishments, the City of Dreams is known to people because of its architectural design. It looks dashingly beautiful from afar. Nobu Manila became famous also because of being located in the City of Dreams. The rooms of Nobu Manila has a Japanese interior design. Just like MICE hotels introduced, this hotel is complete with rooms for small and big gatherings. Aside from giving you the conducive places for learning, their business facilities are complete and of high-quality.

  • Crown Towers Manila: City of Dreams. Just like Nobu Manila and Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Crown Towers hails from the City of Dreams. The Crown Towers does not disappoint. This hotel ranks fourth out of 17 hotels in Paranaque. This hotel prides itself on having a dedicated Admin Team to facilitate meeting reservations. Moreover, their function and meeting rooms can accommodate video conferencing.

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Some tips on choosing your perfect hotel out of the five mentioned above. If your company has a limited budget only, Red Planet Hotels offers the most affordable rates among the five. Their minimum price is Php 2700 for small function rooms. The four other hotels raise their minimum price to Php 5000.

If you are looking for a great place with high-quality video conferencing facility because you are going to have a video conference meeting, Crown Towers Manila will not disappoint. With their high-class equipment and high-speed Internet connection, you can make sure that your team will have a clear video conference with your client.

If you want a venue that is near an airport, well, there’s many! City of Dreams is close to Ninoy International Airport. So as the Aseana City. With that, either of the last four hotels can be your next venue.

If you have Japanese customers, perhaps Nobu Hotels Manila is the perfect venue for your meeting. Make your Japanese clients feel more at home with Nobu Manila’s Japanese Culture inspired interior design.

If your team is meaning to rest and unwind after your meeting, hotels located in the City of Dreams would be perfect. The City of Dreams offers many relaxation facilities that your team would be more than happy to try.

All the MICE hotels mentioned above are prestigious and can provide you with a perfect place for your meetings. If you mean to book for your next meeting in Paranaque, at least you already know where you can go.

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