How to Recycle Your Old Bras In 7 Ways

How to Recycle Your Old Bras In 7 Ways

You can use a countless number of bras in your lifetime. In order to avoid being wasteful, you should learn how to reuse your old pieces after you are done with them instead of adding to the landfill. Getting your right bra size is not an easy task just like maintaining them. The recommended cleaning and storage techniques for Triumph Doreen bras can be a real time burden but throwing them in the trash after using them in a couple of months is downright wasteful. Those bras you’ve worn slightly might no longer appeal to you as daily wear, but you can consider these recycling ideas.

Reach to the needy

Perhaps you have an obsession with bras, and you have built huge selection over time. Some of the pieces might be brand new, but you feel like you can’t have them anymore. Since you are blessed, think about those who are in need. There are women who are unfortunate, and you can reach to them through various charity organizations in your locality. You will have helped another woman who cannot afford some designer pieces to enjoy the feel of an attractive bra. What’s more is that you will have more space in your closet to expand your collection.

Create a beautiful headband

The bra strap can form a good headband. Rather than buying some new headbands for your daily use, why not design your own from the old bra straps? It is a very easy DIY method which doesn’t need any sewing or equipment.

Give to the survivors of breast cancer

There are various blogs created for breast cancer awareness, and they encourage women to donate stuff to the less fortunate women who have been victims of breast cancer. If you have got too many bras in your wardrobe that you no longer need, get in touch with one of these organizations and make a donation.

Craft a purse

This is a fun and creative idea if you love sewing. No one will recognize that your purse has been crafted from a bra if you employ your creativity well. This is a great idea if you are a fan of the beautiful Triumph Doreen bras. Make good use of their beauty with this brilliant DIY idea.

Add more support

Do you love backless gowns but here the fact that you cannot wear them with regular bras? You can choose to buy new stick-on bras or make some for yourself from the old collection. If you don’t know how to make one, check the internet how to sew a bra into a backless top or dress. You will love the extra support on your bust and actually build more confidence as you pull out a backless gown.

Make a quirky caged bra

This is yet another DIY project for you if you adore the backless dressing design. All you need are the bra cups then you can decide what to do with the straps. You will actually make a statement from what is normally perceived as a boring bra strap. You can have it as a top which can keep you cool during a hot weather.

Use the cup padding as shoe inserts

What a simple solution to recycle your bras while adding comfort to your footwear. Remove the old bra’s padding and slip it inside those shoes you have been complaining that are too big or uncomfortable. It is also a great idea if you don’t like the bra padding; you can take it off from a new bra to enhance your shoes.

Given the amount of money spent to buy a Triumph Doreen bra and efforts applied in maintaining its shape, it doesn’t deserve to be tossed away. You no longer have an excuse to dump your old bras. Make sure you recycle it in any of these 7 ways.

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