Rhapsody of Realities Offers New Found Hope

Rhapsody of Realities

Rhapsody of Realities was written by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and is intended to enlighten those who read it. It is meant to be read daily and is a collection of daily topics, theme scriptures, a message for each day, a daily confession, and a Bible reading plan segment. Pastor Chris wrote it in hopes that it will enlighten all who read it and to be able to grow closer to the Savior.

Rhapsody of Realities has been distributed to over 242 countries and has been printed in 837 languages including Finnish, German, Hindi, Mandarin, and Dutch, to name a few. Millions of copies are in print, and new languages are added daily.

This daily devotional has brought peace and the word of God into the homes of countless families. The whole purpose of this devotional is to help the reader grow in development and spiritually.

Pastor Chris has a deep passion for people and wants to ensure that everyone has the chance to learn more about God and His eternal plan. He has a teaching minister that reaches out to any who is willing to listen.

His massive healing crusades like the Higher Life Conference and Night of Bliss are hosted all over the world. They are as big as 3.5 million at times, and he uses such opportunities to reach out to vast crowds.

He has been doing the Lord’s work for over 30 years and did not plan to stop anytime soon. His mission is to spread the word of God to the farthest corners of the world until all have the chance to hear and hopefully accept it.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has a Healing School which manifests the healing miracles of Jesus Christ. His Healing Ministry has helped many to become heal to have the opportunity to witness the great works and miracles of God.

The pastor also uses television to reach out to those hungering for the word of God and any who are curious about the Lord. He started the very first 24-hour Christin Network in 2003, and it has since grown to include several satellite stations throughout the world.

Through his television ministry, he has been able to reach out to those who may otherwise never have had the chance to learn about God or to learn more about Him.

These Satellite TV stations are even available on many mobile devices, making them even more accessible to those who need to hear the Word of God. His flagship program features the many miracles of Christ and airs on many major networks throughout the United States, Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, and in many other places.

Television and various methods of media have made it possible for the pastor to teach people about God and what great miracles He is capable of.

If people are just willing to receive the many gifts that God has to offer, they will receive them. Sometimes all it takes is hearing something inspiring on TV, on the radio, or even reading scripture or daily devotional to bring it home.

Everyone has their struggles, and it can be difficult when it feels like you’re alone in the world. The Pastor is helping to break through the darkness and is helping the lost sheep of the flock to find their way back to the Savior. All it takes is a little nudge sometimes, and people will be able to find their hope in a world where it sometimes seems to get lost and forgotten. His daily devotional is a step in the right direction. That’s all it takes.

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