Which Sitting Position Is Good for Pregnant Women

Sitting Position

Pregnancy is a condition which needs lots of care and attention; it is very essential for pregnant women to take care of health during pregnancy. She should choose a proper diet for herself as well as for her fetus or unborn baby. Along with good and healthy food, a pregnant woman should also take care of her positions in which she’s sitting and sleeping.

Most of the women don’t care about it. But they actually don’t know that her Sitting position matters a lot. Bad sitting position can effect to her health and might be harm to her fetus. So, she should acknowledge that whether she is taking the right position or not. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about favorable sitting positions for pregnant women.

Good Sitting Position for Pregnant Women

In the first trimester of pregnancy, women don’t face so many difficulties as compare to second and third trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is normal where she can comfortably choose sitting, lying, or standing position. In second and third trimester when the size of womb get increases pregnant women falls in trouble in sitting and sleeping.

Most of the pregnant women are careless about their sitting. That is why they usually face back and body pain. So, to avoid the chances of harm to their baby in womb and back & pelvic pain, it is essential to maintain a comfort by finding a good sitting position for her. Few suggestions are given below regarding correct sitting position for pregnant women.

  • The doctor usually prefers the pregnant ladies to take rest, but they get bored while lying in bed or sleeping. So, pregnant women can choose the sitting position, where she should be sitting up with a straight back.
  • Pregnant women should pull her shoulder back and make sure that her buttocks are touching back the chair.
  • She can use a rolled pillow or a rolled-up small towel to support her back by placing at the hollow portion of her back.
  • She should sit cross-legged as it is a comfortable sitting posture for pregnant women.
  • Pregnant women should try to sit at the end of her chair and slouch completely.
  • While sitting, a pregnant woman should distribute her body weight evenly on both hips.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t sit on the floor. This is not a good posture for them, but some women are habitual of sitting on the floor. So, in this condition pregnant women should sit on the floor by keeping their hips and knees at a right angle. Legs should not be crossed, and feet should be flat. In this posture, it is essential for them to not sit more than 30 minutes.
  • Pregnant women should pay attentive when she stand from her sitting position that she have to move to the edge of your chair and stand up by straightening the legs. Don’t bend forward at the waist.
  • Pregnant women should choose to sit by pressing her upper back against the chair and slide her bottom ahead. She should turn the sideways so that she can sitting on the edge of the chair.
  • Sitting up on a balance ball as possible in the third trimester of pregnancy will helps to the pregnant ladies to prepare their pelvis for labor. It also helps the baby to get into just the right position.

These are the suggestions for pregnant women to select the right posture in her routine. She can follow till the baby comes out from her womb. Every mother wants that her baby would be born as healthy and strong and if she is careful and attentive to her sitting and sleeping habits during her pregnancy. Then her wish can fulfil but if she don’t choose the right postures then she definitely get an unhealthy child. May be her child would be born with physical disabilities. Apart from this, if you also want to know about Sleeping position during pregnancy in different trimesters, Is it good or bad to sleep on stomach while pregnancy and How much sleep is excessive sleep during first, second and third trimester you can visit recall sleep.

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  1. Shortness of Breath-Your baby is growing quickly now and competing for space with your lungs & diaphragm as well. This will ease in the 9th month as the baby engages and moves into position. Lift your arms when you feel out of breath. Use extra pillows to prop you up in bed and when lying down do so on your side. It is always recommended to lay on your left side because it is less taxing on your organs & the vein that supplies blood & nutrients to your little one.

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