7 simple tips to décor your living room looking luxury

your living room luxury

Often, people think of bathroom and kitchen more than other rooms when it comes to renovating. However, for most people to renovate their homes, they will feel the need based on the look of their living room. Unlike other rooms, the living room is the first room that visitor gets to see immediately they enter your home. Therefore, the way you keep your living room matters, and it sells a lot of information about you.

When it’s that time to renovate and decorate your home, giving your living room the first options is very important. It’s the only room that can either back your status in the community or disgraces your standing. However, before you start decorating your living room, there are questions that you must be able to answer yourself. They will give you the guideline on what to do.

First of all, you need to know the amount of space you are working with, what are the things you would like to keep and what is it you wish to replace? What is your budget and what are your goals? Once you have correct answers to the above questions, you are good to start. However, here are seven tips that will help you make your living room luxurious and personalized to your level.

  1. Incorporate texture

When you are not sure of what you want to use, mix it up. According to decoration expertise, combining everything from wood, glass, woven and metal materials will create a look that is collective instead of the usual matchy-matchy appearance. When you combine different material sets, you are sure that, you will create a luxury feeling that can never go unnoticed. Mixing a little leather texture on your sofas with some silk velvet pillows or tactile wool sofa, you can bet that every guest will notice the nature of your class and the value of your home. And of course, you have to decorate your bed by the best pillows which are colourful and looking good.This mixing cannot be mistaken for anything less than luxury .

  1. Consider the curtains

Curtains may look dull or irrelevant, but when it comes to luxury décor, they have what it takes to mark the difference in any living room. As you buy your curtains, you must be sure about what you want to avoid mistaking it with what you find on the market. Therefore, before you set to buy one, measure your windows, ensure that your curtains fit all the way perfectly to the floor. Keeping your curtains short will mistake them for being cheap, which in return will influence the way your living room looks. However, if you keep your curtains long enough to cover the entire window all down to the floor, they will appreciate. In other words, your living room will acquire a different state and appear expensive to everyone.

  1. Use metallic

Metallic things have a sense of price. If you want to make your home to look and feel expensive, then this is automatically the right path to follow. Make everything metallic from the watch frame to the pedestal table.  Change the curtain frames with a little metallic touch, this way, you will bring in the wow factor in your living room as you generate the feeling of luxury without explaining the price. Metallic will hook you up with luxury even when everything else thinks you don’t deserve it. Therefore, if you improve your home with slight metallic contributions, the stature of your guests will change to attract the right people to your company.

  1. Add or replace moldings

If you are working on a budget, sometimes it gets hard for you to achieve your dreams.  You don’t have to worry if that’s the case for you. You still have an opportunity to feel luxury in your living room by simply doing the easiest task you can ever imagine. You don’t have to bring down the entire house and build again, just replace the moldings that’s it. However, if you have the ability to add, you still have the chance to ensure your home defines you better. You can improve the moldings with latest ones, which are a little expensive than the old make.

  1. Go for the lights

Any household lighting has a communication that only it understands. The way you setup your lights will indicate whether or not your home is expensive and luxurious. Never allow lighting reflect to who you really are or what you can afford. Although some lights will require you to invest so much for you to make your home luxurious, some will only cost the same price with the regular lights but will make the difference. Therefore, you should consider making lights that will send some message and at the same time leave you expensive and worth more without breaking a bank.

  1. What are your textiles?

Textile is very important to any decorative moves. Instead of shopping where all the others shop at a highly hiked price, why not consider a local joint that sales fabric at a fairly dropped price. Buying from local sellers gives you a cut off discount of almost 80%. Therefore, making the right deal and finding the best local tailor helps you achieve a great position on the ground, which is a good start for luxury. However, you can still opt to sew by yourself as you try to keep the design focused and beautiful.

  1. Bring in a large rug

Large rugs are inexpensive compared to small rugs. However, large rugs have a way of making a place look bigger than its usual size. In other words, large rugs will make your room look more luxurious than the way it is. Additionally, when you bring in the use of large rugs, if you have kids or pets, you will have created a place for them to enjoy playing together. A home that has a playing space within the same living room is undoubtedly full of luxury and wealth.

All these plans will help you achieve the looks you desire for your home and give you a new name and standing in public. However, another important thing that you must not forget even after you put together all the above tips is cleaning your home. Keeping your home clean at all, times will make your decoration visible. When people who enter your home have the privilege of observing your interior décor, then you will have a chance to start receiving a positive report regarding the luxury in your house. Lastly, embrace the culture of changing décor often and ensuring that you keep your home up to date with technology just to ensure you get the right type of luxury.

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