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You got some free time, and you want to go for a trip? It’s not easy to pack lightweight for your trip. Today I am going to tell an idea about how to pack right clothes, so you don’t over pack. I am going to help you get the most out of what you pack whether you are going on a trip for one week or one month.

How to pack the right clothes for your trip

It doesn’t matter how long your trip is going to be; it could be a week, month year whatever the packing list is the same, and I always manage to fit all of my clothes and my camera gear into one carry-on size backpack. Now the key is to bring enough outfits to change your outfits every single day. Or wear the same shirt and just change your city every day! The key is to get simple light weight material. Bring clothes that you can use in a wide variety of climates.

First, we are going to talk material. Avoid cotton where possible and dress in lightweight synthetic materials. They breathe well. They pack down small, and you can wash them in the sink and hang them over the dryer overnight. Now it’s a little bit more expensive than regular clothes, but it’s a worthwhile investment especially if you are traveling.   There are tons of companies out there that offer similar products; I like Patagonia because of their high-quality material, lifetime guarantees, good style and sound corporate ethics!

Now let’s go through clothing, item by item, starting with shirts. If you go to travel, you should wear shirt which have long sleeve, button down, 50% polyester and 50% nylon. Super breathable it also got UV protection, and if it’s really hot, you can always roll the sleeves up. For casual setting either bring a short sleeve button down shirt or another long sleeve. You should bring three shirts; that’s the point. It never hurts to bring a T-shirt. I also recommend bringing a synthetic t-shirt under armor, and Patagonia make these, they dry quickly; they also double for running gear or rash guards if you are surfing.

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Next thing you need pants. When you are choosing your pants, make sure that matches your shirt, and you make outfits. We chose khaki, super versatile color and never get dirty.

You should also bring a pair of shorts and swimsuit. The shorts are good even though Europeans don’t wear them. They are perfect for hot days. The board shorts or swimsuit are good for running as well as swimming.  Now we also found out there’s this new hybrid clothing by Rip Curl, it’s called the Boardwalk, they are shorts made out of swimsuit material. You can get three pairs of Exofficio quick dry boxer briefs; you can hand wash them, and they dry overnight.

Next steps, shoes!

The most common packing mistake is bringing too many pairs of shoes. You should only bring one pair of trail runners because they are comfy enough for the city, they are strong enough for hiking, and they are made for running. You can also bring a pair of sandals made by Teva or sank. They are super luggable, and when you throw them with a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, you can dress up with them they are also easy to pack

Bring some socks with the different color, so you know which ones are clean and which one are dirty. Four pairs of long socks four pairs of short socks which I might use for doubling up if my feet get cold

Dressing in the layer is important. Now it’s simple concept instead of bringing one big bulky jacket you bring layers of clothing that you can take off or put on depending on the weather. Now you can buy these two things, a Nano puff jacket, and a basic lightweight shell, both from Patagonia. They combine to keep you super warm and dry in any climate, and they can pack really small.

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Last but not least most important accessory is a quick dry towel. It’s designed for backpacking. This will save you cash, at hotels they charge you for towels. Buy one of these and be a happy camper.

Don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat

If you want to pack light, you need to keep it simple. Bring only the essentials, so if you must ask yourself do I do need this, chances are you won’t. If you do, you can probably buy it on the road. So take half the clothes you think you need and twice the amount of cash.

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