5 Vastu Tips to Consider While Buying an Apartment


Did you know that apartments are as much about its energy power as its solid concrete setup? If constructed in harmony with natural energy fields, a house radiates peace and stability. Considering the growing inclination towards holistic lifestyle, Vastu-compliant apartments are the conscious choice for most home seekers.

The fast-paced lifestyle of the IT capital of India prompts many to go for an abode which has vantage position and is instrumental is in bringing in peace and prosperity.  Fortunately for them, South Bangalore is coming up with several Vastu-compliant real estate projects. Apartments for sale in Banashankari can be purchased on the basis of the following five Vastu tips that can be relied upon. Then it does not matter if the investment is being done during the festive season or any other occasion.

5 Critical Vastu Points That Make or Break an Apartment

  1. Vastu-compliant entrance
  2. Correct room entrances with sunlight and ventilation
  3. Adherence to five natural elementS
  4. Kitchen placement
  5. Water storage

Why builders adhere to principles of Vastu

All homes require digging Mother Earth or Gia as it is called in Western culture. Ancient Indians drew the blueprint of Vastu-compliant homes which was based on scientific principles involving five elements of nature namely air, ether, fire, water and earth. Till today, the need to be harmonious with nature or mother earth is vital for human survival and habitation. Most builders understand this. Even the luxury complexes that are being constructed in South Bangalore bear testimony to the successful Vastu principles.

The apartments in Banashankari 2nd stage have been designed keeping the above five critical Vastu points in mind for every home owner. Just to elaborate on these five points, you may consult an expert for a further explanation after you have gone through the following guidelines to ensure that the new house will be lucky for a long time to come.

Did you know that there are 32 possible entrances to a building complex? The power of a North-East entrance is the strongest. Hence, choose a building block that has such a main opening. Building entrances from the southern direction emit harmful infrared rays that result in ill health. It is also responsible for frequent delayed payments and bad relationships.

Every room needs to have the right sunlight and cross ventilation to make it habitable for its occupants. A living room which falls in the North-East zone will ensure that the occupants have a good social life. In the same manner, the bedroom should not be between the East and South-East. A bedroom in such a position will be responsible for separation with the spouse and constant disagreements. Similarly, the toilet should not be North or North-East region of the apartment. Before moving into the home employ remedies in advance. Talk to the builder to rectify the same. It is also not good to share walls with the neighbors.

A home is divided into 16 zones as per Vastu guidelines. If you are considering any apartments in Banashankari, Bangalore check for the five elements placement as designed by Vastu principles. For example, North represents water element. All things connected to this element should feature in this zone-it includes slopes, water tank, rainwater drainage, garden kitchen basins, service lanes, shafts and heights of the building. The other zones are- air (East), Fire (South), earth (South-West) and space (West). There is perfect energy balance is where all the rooms have four corners or walls.

The kitchen in the North-East direction is not very good. It is better for the living room. The South-East section is good for the kitchen.

Water storage is ideal in the North-East zone. Water is used in bathrooms and toilets. They should be placed in the South-West corner of the home. In any other region, it will contaminate the air circulation of the apartment.

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