Wear what you Preach: Looking Modest Is Beautiful Even Outside the Church

Wear what you Preach: Looking Modest Is Beautiful Even Outside the Church

We live in a society that gives a high importance on our physical appearance. Movies, television ads, billboards, and magazines all of them display attractive people. We see men and women who wear provocative items of clothing to showcase their physical assets. Some even resort to plastic surgery to enhance these assets. We cannot deny the fact that our society is becoming too obsessed with perfection and physical beauty.

However, looking good and well-dressed doesn’t always mean showing off too much skin. You can be stylish and beautiful while sticking to modesty. Here are some of the tips and principles for modest fashion to guide you in selecting proper clothing.

Wear Some Modesty

Modesty is a way of practicing love towards other individuals. A woman that covers her body is showing some respect for her male companion by keeping them away from the prying eyes of other people. The same principle applies to a man who wears some tight clothes also helps his female companion to avoid impurity of thought. You can always look for a simple dress in sites like French Connection.

How Do We Define Modesty in The Bible?

According to Paul on Modesty: 1 Timothy 2:8-10

“I desire that women should always adorn themselves with a respectable use of apparel, with self-control and modesty, not with some braided hair and costly attire. It’s proper etiquette for women who follow godliness with good deeds and works.”

Modesty Is Not Anti-fashion

We should always be reminded that Paul is not anti-fashion. The primary purpose of this principle is a very positive saying that suggests all women protect and clothe themselves appropriately. These are not words coming from an anti-fashion. These words are also present in Revelation 21:2 saying that a bride is beautifying herself only for her husband. These are words that talks about being well-kempt, ornamented, and put in order.

Fashion and Body Representation

Each week as you partake the sacrament, you take the Savior’s name because we are His representatives here on earth. You should always remember that through your appearance and clothes, you are trying to show to the Lord how precious your body is.

You can also show that you are a disciple of Christ, that you love Him very much. Always remember that your body is sacred.

Modesty Is About Worshiping

Paul is trying to tell us how women should prepare themselves even outside the church. If they will profess godliness, that is the time when they desire some love to God by giving reverence and honor. How should the women dress? Paul answered this question when you go to the church. Dress in a way that shows your desire for the attention to God, and not for yourself.

Inner beauty

A beautiful and delightful woman is not only appreciated because of her outer appearance. She earns respect because of her inner qualities. Numerous inner attributes can make a woman beautiful. However, the three essential qualities that a woman should possess to make herself attractive is that she should always be kind and gracious. Proverbs 11:16 tells that a gracious woman will retain some honor to God.

Modesty Shows Awareness To Sin

In this text, Paul says that a woman’s clothing should always be worn with modesty. It is about reverence and showing some respect for oneself and others. A woman is not guilty of a man’s lust if she will wear the right clothing modestly. Therefore, it is evident that women’s clothing is essential for us to follow Christ’s commandment.

Modesty Is About Attitude and Behavior, Not Just Clothing.

From the clothing that women should wear and the way she carries herself, a woman must be well-ordered. As a Christian, you are always being reminded by God for good works (Ephesians 2:10). Jesus Christ died so that we might be dedicated to doing some good works (Titus 2:14). Women should always seek to dress modestly and do good to other people.


Suffice to say, these biblical aspects of modesty will help us to grow as a person and as a steward of Christ. Modesty is a manner of adorning our body and carrying ourselves to God. With this biblical passage, our definition of beauty should not be about hatred of our sin and a desire to draw our attention to God.  It must be about self-respect and modesty.

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