How to Choose a Cheap Longboard under 100 Dollars

Cheap Longboard under 100 Dollars

Most of the newbie riders like to ride a cheap longboard that can be purchased under 100 dollars. In this case, if you are a starter in the longboard world then there is 90% possibility to purchase a bad quality longboard. Let me help with this, from my 15 years longboarding experience I will tell you how you can choose the best quality cheap longboard under 100 dollars.

Note: If you don’t read the full article, you will miss so many things.

Fix Your Experience Level

Every Longboard has some unique qualities though it requires specific experience level rider. All the longboards are not suitable for all the riders. This is why you need to fix your skill level of riding. If you are riding this article then I think you are not a pro or intermediate rider. You must be a beginner.

Also, I am writing this article for beginners too. All the tips of this article are useful for beginners not for the pro or intermediate riders.

Select a Quality Brand

While you fix your performance tricks then you have to go ahead for the best quality brand. Because the best brand always provides the best longboard and customer support.

I know there are lots of brand in the market but one some of them have a good reputation. Now I am giving you some of the best longboard manufacturing company names.

Sector 9 Longboard Brand

Atom Longboard Brand

Landyachtz Longboard

RIMABLE Longboard Brand

Quest Longboard Brand

Landyachtz Longboard Brand

Yocaher Longboard Brand

White Wave Longboard Brand

Krown Longboard Brand

Eightbit Longboard Brand

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Find out Your Riding Style

Before you go to ride or buy a cheap longboard you need to fix what kind of riding style you would like to perform. Is it freeride longboarding, cruising or carving, commuting or sliding or downhill riding? Most of the newbie rider likes to ride cruising or carving around the city or campus ground.

Every longboards are use to build for a one or two specific riding styles. Though they can perform more than two or 5 styles but useful for particular riding styles. So first you have to consider the riding style that you will mostly use in time. According to your riding style you should buy a longboard which will give you all the advantages those are highly necessary for you. Let me describe more specifically with some popular riding tricks.

Best Longboard for Freeride Longboard

One of the most popular riding styles is freeride. Though it is not so easy that can be performed at the first day of your learning. Still not so hard if you stay with it 2 or 3 weeks. For free ride style you need a flexible midsize longboard. If you need proper flexible and strong longboard then you can chose a bamboo longboard with 5 to 6 plies or maple made longboard  with 6 to 8 plies.

The board should be 32 to 38 inches also you can use 42 inches but that would be bigger for this kind of tricks. Take a truck lightweight aluminum made which is RKP and 8 to 9 inches wide. The truck will be responsive for taking quick turn and must have soft bushing for flexibility. This kind of truck works like a shock absorber so you will not feel any wobble. Select a high rebound polyurethane wheels 51 x 74 mm and soft wheel like 78A. You don’t need a high quality bearing though it does not require any high speed rolling. So buy an ABEC-5 quality bearing.

Best Longboard for Cruising or Carving

Cruising and carving are the most and common riding style among the starter riders. Because it is easy to do and you can do it in your backyard, campus ground, or city streets. Also, you don’t need any special skill for this. This is why these two styles are so popular.

To perform these two riding styles you don’t need a high quality longboard. Almost all kind of longboard can perform these two styles. Just make sure the board is spacious, has a soft wheel and most of all has maneuverable truck for the entire roadway. Choose RKP with soft bushing truck 7 to 9 inches.

Best Longboard for Commuting or Sliding

Most of the beginner user are use to do commuting or siding at the first time. In this case you need a simple longboard that can be purchased at cheap price like under 100 dollars. Just make sure the parts have a minimum quality. Also choose a spacious board which will give you more balance and stability.

Read the Customers’ Review

Always check the customer’s review or feedback while you are buying a particular cheap longboard under 100 dollars. This kind of task will give you a 100% real overview about the product. After reading the reviews if you think everything is good according to your requirement then go ahead. Have a great longboarding.

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