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yocaher longboard

Yocaher is one of the leading skateboard and longboard company. It’s a trending name in the world of skateboarders. Its fame is increasing day by day because of its beautiful design and color combination.

Their skateboards and longboards are modern in design and gorgeous in quality. If you want both in one, Yocaher is the best option. In this review, we tried to discuss the five best-selling Yocaher Skateboards.

I hope you will get a clear idea about the best Yocaher longboard from this review and for further information about the best longboard brands, you can visit the Skateboard lab.

Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard

Do you want a simple board?

This board’s main attraction is its simplicity. It’s a pure one colored skateboard. You can get this board in six colors. And the main privilege of this blank board is you can design it by yourself if you want.

This skateboard’s deck is 31 inches long and 7.75 inches wide. The deck is made of molded 7 ply maple wood. It has two black tone trucks and ABEC-5 bearing. It comes fully assembled with 54mm wheels and ready to ride!

Pro: Decent bearings

Con: Loose nuts on the wheels

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard

Do you love to ride in the hillside area? Want to move smoothly on the curves? Then this Yocaher longboard is made for you. This board is made for professional riders. Its narrow both end deck ensures movement of wheels smoothly. Surprisingly, the deck is concave, and the dimension of the board is 41.25”X9”.

The board has special Q-ball 70852mm wheels with 78A hardness. Wheelbase is 33” long. The HD7 heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks and 180 mm hangers give it extra strength. It has ABEC-7 chrome bearings. Finally, it is assembled with Black Widow Premium grade 80 a grip tape. What more do you want!!

Pro:  it can hold up to 275 lbs

Con: To really get more speed you might want to replace the bearings.

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Longboard

If you want a differently designed board, Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Longboard will blow your mind. Its main attraction is its pintail shape. The shape of the deck is beautiful.  They use 9 molded plywood to make. This board’s dimension is 40”X9, ” and it’s an ideal longboard for the beginners. This board comes fully assembled.

Like Yocaher Drop Down Longboard, it has special Q-ball 70*52mm wheels with 78A hardness. Wheelbase is 33” long. The HD7 heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks and 180 mm hanger give it extra strength. It has ABEC-7 chrome bearings. But the board’s flexibility is medium.

Pro: Black grip tape on top

Con: Wheels are just some cheap plastic wheels.

Yocaher Pika Punked Skateboard

Who doesn’t love Pokemon? Most of us like Pikachu. Now Yocaher has brought Yocaher Pika Punked Skateboard for us, the Pokemon lovers. Its downside is beautifully designed with a cartoon of angry Pikachu.

The 25-inch deck is made of 7-ply  Canadian maple and. The deck has a kicktail and a nose. This is available in the micro cruiser and mini cruiser size. The top is covered with a black grip tape. It has 7.675 HD5 heavy-duty two tone trucks and 125 mm hanger mad of aluminum alloy. It has special Q-ball 70*52mm wheels with 78A hardness and ABEC-7 chrome bearings.

Pro: good for intermediate riders

Con: not suitable for adults

The Pines BLUE Longboard Skateboard

It frequently happens that we like the design of longboard but not the shape. In The Pines, BLUE Longboard Skateboard has solved that problem. This long board is available in every possible shape.

The deck is highly concaved and made of Canadian maple. But it has low flexibility. It has Q-Ball 70 x 52mm Solid Pink Wheels of  78A Hardness. The deck is adjusted with 9.675 HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, and the 180mm Hangers are made of Aluminum Alloy.  The longboard comes assembled and is ready to ride!

Pro: Low flexibility.

Con: Loose nuts.

Final verdict

Yocaher is the perfect combination of design and quality. If you have decided to buy Yocaher longboard obviously, you made a great decision. But when you buy, please keep attention to your own requirement. Buy whatever you love and ride however you want.

The world is yours! We reviewed two longboards and three skateboards from Yocaher. If you want to design your skateboard of your own, then you can buy Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard. But, if you face trouble in balancing then Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down, Stained Complete Longboard will help you to improve your balancing skill. If you want a quality ride in a punk design, Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Longboard Skateboard is perfect for you. Yocaher Pika Punked Skateboard is great for Pokemon lovers. And you can find In The Pines BLUE Longboard Skateboard in every possible shape! Choose one of them today and start riding.

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