Forex Broker FX

Forex Broker FX

The fXtrade777 is a brokerage firm that is committed to providing world class online trading services to its clients. The fxtrade777 has professional staffs who have specialized in industry expertise, customer services, and innovative platforms, where their customers are both the commercial sector and the private sector.

Trading Academy

Fxtrade 777 provides one on one sessions, video tutorials, and E-books to their clients, where they teach them everything revolving around online trading. In the one on one session, you get to learn from an experienced broker who takes you through the process. The video tutorial and e-books provided by the company are meant to make you a trading expert within no time.

Customer Support

This forex broker company have come up with measures to ensure their clients’ needs come first, for instance, they provide help and support to the clients through phone, email and live chats for 24 hours. They use six different languages to solve the question of diversity and they stay with you til you understand the process or your problem is solved.

Funds Safety

I bet we all agree that safety in every trade transaction is key and that the reason why fxtrade777 has come up with measures to ensure every client’s interest is protected. One of such measures includes working with top-tier banks where they store their client’s funds. After the fund being held in the top-tier banks, it is then transferred to Barclay’s bank where the funds have segregated account. The company has also taken measure in regard to the cybercrime where they have meticulously firewalled and all the platform that we discussed earlier have been encrypted using the 256-bit RapidSSL. You can find out more on safety by visiting

Low Spreads

This forex broker company has tried to keep the spreads low, for instance, fixed spreads on leading assets goes for 0.5 which is considerably low. On the other hand, the variable spreads go for 0.8 on most of the currencies. In addition to low spreads, the company has also ensured accurate order filling, no re-quotes, and the process is executed quickly. People with VIP account has more advantage since the world leading assets have 0 spreads.

Easy and Quick Deposit and Withdrawal

Fxtrade 777 has a wide range of payment methods, a factor that has largely helped make funding and withdrawing of profits easy. For instance, one can use a wide range of e-wallets, wire transfer, and credit card. Once you make a withdrawal from your trading account, you can expect the profits in two to three business days. They also have a VIP express which is exclusively for people with VIP account, where one use it to transfer his profit directly to his bank account within two business days. For this and more information visit

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