Going out for Vacation? Inform the Postal Service Now


If you are a person who is going for a vacation with friends, family or your partner then don’t forget to inform the postal service you use so that they could hold your all mail until you come back.

There are so many mail carrier companies in the United States. Some of them are UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. These are very big companies regarding revenue and market cap. Almost every single person living in U.S uses one of these companies for package delivery purpose.

USPS or U.S Postal Service is of them. It’s a government agency and delivers packages to almost every single household there, and that’s why it has a strong relation with every single household. It’s taking good care of it’s customers.

And for this, it’s offering so many services to all of them. One of it’s service will help you while going out for vacation or picnic. With the service USPS hold mail, any USPS customer can put his/her mail on hold until he/she come back to home.

People can do some other useful things, though like they can ask their neighbors to pick up the mail time to time out from the mailbox. If there is any person whom you could trust, then it’s a good idea to ask him/her a favor, and if there is no-one to look after the mail and packages then it’s better to inform the postal service.

So, you can inform and request the postal service to hold your mail for sometime. For this, you just need to fill a form, and it’s completely up to you that which option you choose because there are two options available, first is online and second is offline.

If you choose the online method, then you have to visit the main site of USPS and there under “Track & Manage” category select the “Hold Mail:” option. After clicking on that, you will see some information required to be filled. There you need to fill the required blanks with your name, phone number, email, address, etc. After filling all the information just click on CHECK AVAILABILITY option.

You will see weather you are eligible to fill that hold mail form online or not. If it shows that you do not then don’t worry you can do this by using the second option that is offline in which you have to visit your local post office.

If it shows that your address is eligible for this request then add further information in the next part and at last click on Submit button. That’s it for the online option or method.

If you choose the second option, then you have to visit your local post office but make sure about the USPS hours and USPS holidays before visiting there because it could be closed. There, ask for PS Form 8076 and after filling it just hand over it to the clerk and you are done.

These are two mostly used methods for holding any mail and package. People can also download the USPS Mobile app as there hold mail option is also available in that app. With hold mail service, there are many other options too like USPS tracking (one of the mostly used service), change of address, buy stamps, calculate postage, ship online, schedule a pickup, etc. So download this app now.

Choose any of the given options and enjoy your vacations.

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