Is your body in stress or pain? Chill ‘Hot Stone Massage’ would work for you

Chill ‘Hot Stone Massage’ would work for you

Don’t you guys think that getting a massage therapy during pain is more relaxing than opting for medical assistance?

There is an old saying about the massage, ‘Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences’.

So fellas let first brief you the history of Massage, this has been carried out since 1000 years. Since humans discovered it, they felt amazing when someone rubbed their sore shoulders. Do you know? Massage is derived from a Greek Word ‘Massein’ meaning ‘to knead’.

Massage specialists utilize an assortment of skimming, massaging and cross-fiber erosion strokes to work the muscle tissue, discharging strain and enhancing circulation. To the ones who are not much aware of Massage, then just let me tell don’t get much excited to know that people are usually nude during the massage, but are covered by sheets or towel. Massage oil is essential to lubricate the skin.

Oh if you are thinking that massage therapy is only about pampering, and then you are on wrong track, it has important health benefits. Do you guys know? If massage is your regular wellness routine, then you can have amply of benefits.

People prefer massage therapy because services are providing by beautiful ladies. So come let’s know types of massage running in the market:

  1. Swedish massage Therapy: This one is common, can be found in clinics, gyms, spas, and wellness centers. Swedish provides full body muscles relaxation and can help you if searching from injury.
  2. Aromatherapy Massage Therapy: This is a Swedish massage with scented plants oils added with massage oils. Essential oils are taken out from flowers and other plant parts, they offer satisfying fragrance and are accepted to have recuperating properties.
  3. Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue massage is more intense than Swedish massage. Here in this, it should’ve had to be painful to heal anything.
  4. Hot Stone Massage: In this massage, warm stones are used. Stones are kept on your body parts. The stone is basically Basalt. This helps in loosing muscles and relaxing.

These are few useful massage therapies, but this article will only let you know about Hot Stone Massage in deep.

Hot Stone massage is considered as the best therapy in the field. This helps anyone to relax tense muscles and soft tissues throughout the body. The stone is heated to temperature of 130-140 degrees in sanitized water and is kept in specific parts of the body. It even has mental and physical benefits. The iron content in the stones retain heat during a session and is usually kept on Spine, stomach, chest, face, palm, feet, and toes.

The heat coming from the stone penetrates deeply, providing relaxation, detoxification, and relief from tension, stress, and fatigue. So, fellas to know in deep, keep stick to this article:

  • Ease Muscles tension: While some other massage treatment diminishes muscle strain and distress, the warmth from the stone enters further into the tissue enabling the specialist to give more prominent relief from tense muscles, firm joints or wounds. Heating coming out can provide more relaxation in entire massage sessions. Hot stone reduce your muscle spasm and a cold stone helps in inflammation.
  • Deep impact on mental stability and sleep: Hot Stone improves your sleep quality. Actually sometimes reason behind the physical pain is mental strain. This gives relaxation to your mind and even eases symptoms of anxiety and depression. This massage can give you quality sleep even after suffering from physical and mental worries. You will feel refreshed and new when you wake up.
  • Reduce Stress: Health problem happens because of stress. This kind of massage gives a huge feeling of deep relaxation for your mind and releases muscular tension. Hot Stone massage helps to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and increases the making of endorphins.
  • Boost your immunity: Hot stone massage reenergized your body and relax your physical and mental state. This will boost your immune system and will lead your body to function well. The survey tells that Hot stone Swedish massage therapy improves your immunity. Especially Swedish massage heals cancer symptoms.
  • Enhance blood circulation: Week immune system is led by poor circulation. The stone penetrates heat deep into the tissue and improves blood flow. Expanded circulation conveys more oxygen to the muscles, which can help ease a throbbing painfulness, and fight off the liquid and lactic acid, develops in the muscles that can prompt exhaustion.

How many of you agree with the fact that every aspect has two sides, so if there are these benefits, so do are its side effects:

  • Burn or irritation from stones: Obviously your specialist should hold the stones before applying on your body, there is a chance that stones might be too hot for the skin to handle. If you feel that stone is burning your skin, immediately tell your therapist. What you can do this, adjust the temperature or just end the session.
  • Side effects to medication: Some medication can lead you not to tolerate much heat. This can cause your blood pressure level or increases your heart beat rate when having a hot stone massage.
  • Pregnancy: Well, getting the prenatal massage during pregnancy is much beneficial for pregnant women, even some therapist feel awkward using hot stones on a pregnant woman.
  • Closing words:

Massages are a great way to relax and help in treating a variety of conditions. Swedish massage, Acupuncture, and Hot Stone massage Toronto are some of the massages which are performed to heal acute and chronic conditions; this form of massage can relax a person to an extent, which is very beneficial. Always choose the best form of therapy according to your needs, so that you don’t face any side effects later.

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