Effects on Health by Pest and Importance of Pest Control

pest control

Before we understand the importance of controlling pest, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what does a pest mean. Pest in common man’s language means an insect usually that attacks and spoils our food and also cause damages to our health. Pest is defined as an insect or small animal that is harmful or damages crops.

Pest includes insects like ants, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies so on and so forth and animals like rats, lizards, etc. As we all know from our childhood that pests cause ill health and are often instructed by our elders at home and teachers in schools to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Cleanliness has always been a way to avoid pests and diseases caused by those.

We always have been using traditional methods to control pests like killing cockroaches using kerosene sprays, bed bugs by putting the mattresses to dry in the sun, spiders were killed with broom sticks destroying their webs. When we were all small, we remember our summer holidays included these activities and rest of the year mother took all the pain in trying to keep our homes free from pests.

Pest control becomes important because of the harm the pests cause which give rise to various diseases. Different pests cause different types of diseases to human beings. Let me in detail explain to you why pest control is important by giving you facts about 5 pests which cause health problem and commonly host in Indian homes.


Cockroaches are a favorite for the most disgusting looking pests. They are the nightmares of many girls and women. They also pose a great threat to humans. Cockroaches live in dark smelly sewer environments and come out in search of food and warmth. When they scatter around they leave behind bacteria, parasites and also pathogens which have a dreadful effect on humans. Cockroaches can also pose a threat by simply existing, for example, their urine, droppings, decaying bodies contaminates air which is a serious risk to asthmatics. They also cause typhoid and diarrhea and a few allergic reactions in humans.

2.      BED BUGS:

People while wishing good night also sometimes say “don’t let the bed bugs bite” to each other. This is so true in some cases. Bed bugs are those bugs which live within the woodwork of your beds. Later they transfer to your mattress and also your bed sheets. Their bites cause rashes, scars, and lesions. But they also pose the main threat to humans psychologically, by causing anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation and depression. Infestations of bed bugs are very hard to get rid of and takes a long time to destroy it. In this time humans are forced to live in a harmful environment. Property damage is also a possibility since the sufferers are desperate to get rid of the bugs at any cost.

3.      RATS:

Rats are one of the worst pests which cause some of the most dangerous diseases on the planet. It is because of the plague spread by rats Europe had a drastic effect on people. They have strong teeth which they use to make way through pipes, walls, etc. Hence allowing them to reach food and water supplies resulting in contamination. As same as cockroaches, rats also can cause diseases such as leptospirosis ( an illness that causes liver, kidney and heart problems) by inhaling they’re evaporated and decayed waste. Rats are aggressive in nature and are more likely to bite and scratch humans which cause rat-bite fever and other infections.

4.      FLEAS:

      Fleas are flightless but can jump easily as they have strong, powerful legs. They get into your pet’s fur when your pet gets into contact with long grass infested with these pests. They are tiny blood drinking insects which host on anything living, including humans. Their bites cause allergic reactions and can even cause anaphylaxis in some people. If these are ingested accidentally, it causes tapeworms which host in your stomach and can grow up to 50 feet long. It is the same in the case of pets also if infected fleas are swallowed by them.


Mosquitoes are small insects which can fly and pierce the hosts’ skin to consume blood. The saliva of the mosquito often causes an irritating rash. They are called the vectors of diseases. Mosquitoes cause dengue which gives you the feeling of broken bones. They spread yellow fever which is known as the original viral hemorrhagic fever by the World Health Organization. They are also behind the recent outbreaks of chikungunya, which can lead to agonizing pain. They also spread bird diseases like West Nile Virus. They spread Rift Valley Fever which can make people blind and bankrupt farmers.

Mosquitoes can also cause permanent disability and are not fair in choosing hosts’. They are attracted to some due to the body odor. The most dreadful disease malaria is caused by the female mosquito named Anopheles. They are very hard to get rid of. Any small stagnant water hole can breed a large number of mosquitoes in days.

Hence to live in a healthy environment getting pest control services done is a major requirement when any of the above pests are found to breed in your house. There are other pests also like termites, ants, lizards, etc.; which also should be treated for.

Now since technology has improved, we have various pest control services who have been trained and have the experience to deal with pests using different tools and techniques. Hygiene and sanitation are important for healthy living.

No matter whatever care we take traditionally to get rid of the pests, there will remain areas neglected that cause serious troubles. Devising home remedies on our own to avoid pests by experimenting with chemicals available in the market can cause serious damages to eyes, skin and vital organs. Chemicals, when mixed with drinking water, can be even fatal.

Hence it is always recommended, “right man for the right job” a question arises how and where to find the trusted professionals who can fix all our problems related to pests. And the answer to this lies at the tip of our finger – the Internet.

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