8 Steps to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

If you have ever been in a ceremony, or festival of any type, you must have seen the beautiful dressing up and designs of bouquets and so on in many of these ceremonies.

Flowers are like the most beautiful addition to the design of many different ceremonies and add both visual décor as well as fragrance to the event.

If you wish to arrange flowers on your own, here is a step-to-step guide on how exactly to do that. Our guide will contain all the necessary tips and tricks that you should know, should you want to become a professional at arranging flowers:

Step 1: Buy high-quality flowers

You can’t arrange flowers like a professional if the flowers you buy are not fresh, and high quality. Flowers tend to wither away fast after they have been broken from their roots. Because flowers are technically part of a living being known as trees, it is only natural that once you break something off a living being, that thing will start rotting away.

The best option here is to buy high-quality flowers that won’t wither away as fast and will stay alive until your event ends. You can thoroughly do a guide check on where to get such flowers.

In our opinion, if you are looking to buy flowers in Hong Kong, getting them from the local market is the best option. This is because the local market flowers are fresh and actually not pre-processed.

Step 2. Make sure that the flowers survive

Some flowers can still survive if you are quick enough and get them into a vase of freshwater and under direct sunlight.

If you want to arrange flowers for an event that is farther into the timeline, this may be the best option for you.

You need to make sure that the flowers you have bought for arranging to survive until the event. The vase is only a part of the whole portion for ensuring that. Another thing that you should be doing is making sure that you keep the flowers away from animals that eat vegetables and flowers.

Oh, and keep the flower in near an open window. Bees are one of the best benefactors for any flower because they keep the flower pollinated and full of nutrition.

Step 3. Use a Budable

Budables are small, stretchable materials that have little holes in them. These holes are big enough for the roots of flowers to fit in but small enough so that the roots stick to the Budable, and not ruin the design that you want.

Budables are an excellent choice if you are a novice, but still, want to easily make a design that the flowers stick to. Plus, they are a cheap and easy alternative to glue and tape, both of which are much nastier and a big effort to clean up after.

Budables are so elastic and small that if you are careful enough, you can hide the Budables in the flower design. It will look like the flowers are magically placed into the vase.

Step 4. Trim all leaves

Nothing looks good if it is too overgrown.

Whether it be your hair or the leaves on a flower, overgrown is never a good option. Trimming these leaves will help your flowers look attractive and much more beautiful overall.

They will also help your vase and décor design look much more attractive in the long run.

Step 5. Remove thorns

Thorns are naturally added onto many flowers. This is to protect these flowers from any herbivores that are looking to eat those flowers.

But these thorns never look good as a décor. You may want to remove these thorns from the flowers and make sure that the flowers are looking as harmless as they come.

Many flowers in the wild come with thorns, and if you are buying from the local market, there are chances that your newly-bought flowers come with thorns.

Use a sharp knife to get rid of all the thorns on your flower, and ultimately make the flowers look like the most innocent thing on the planet.

Step 6: Place the flowers at a 45 angle

A pro-tip to putting the flowers in your vase is to help put the flowers with a 45 degree on the base. Sit with the flowers and the vase at your eye level, and cut the base of the flowers at a 45-degree angle.

This will help make the flowers look much more attractive if they are exposed even from the roots, and will stay in a vase in a unique way. This will also help make the flowers look as if they have come straight from a romantic movie or animation.

Step 7: Don’t cover the flowers

A mistake that most novices make is the fact that they think that flowers work just like food. If you cover them up, they will not rot away.

While that statement is not without any base, it is certainly not true for flowers, at least in most cases. Flowers need fresh sunlight and good nutrition from water to survive. If you want the flowers to look good, you need to expose them to the world.

Oh, and wrapping flowers end up damaging their petals too. Most flowers never regrow their petals. So, covering up is definitely not a good option.

Step 8: Practice, practice, practice

You will never get better at something unless you practice, practice and practice. Practicing is definitely good and should help you become even more of a professional at arranging flowers.

There are many methods and techniques that are written on the internet that might help you arrange flowers in different unique ways.


This simple 8 step guide should easily help you become even better at arranging your flowers like a professional.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, if you are looking for fresh flowers, we would recommend that you buy flowers in Hong Kong from the main market. It will be a good option.

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