6 Classy Dressing Codes for Women

Classy Dressing Codes for Women

Have you ever received an invitation to an event with a preferred dress code? This is a very common practice, and it doesn’t have to surprise you.

For this reason, you need to know the various dress codes, so you won’t have any problems picking the dresses that march the dress code prescribed. Here are some common women’s dress codes that may interest you.

1. Informal/Casual

The informal/casual dress code is suitable for the open invitation, so in this case, you can pick something you feel most comfortable in. Whether it is jeans combined with a T-shirt, or a skirt and a T-shirt with sneakers.

You need not overdo your accessories or wear heels, this dressing code is good, and you’ll not look out of place. Just wear something relaxed and of the style that you like.

2. Dressy Casual

Dressy casual style is also known as casual chic. It is a style that gives you a look that fits a weekend. In this style, you can choose attractive separates such as a short-sleeve shirt with buttons and a skirt.

You can then add all manner of accessories, including scarves and jewelry, and even hats and quirky sandals – The same outfit you can use as your holiday dresses. If you don’t like dresses such as shirts and skirts, you can go for jeans then you pair it with heels.

holiday dresses

3. Smart Casual

A smart-casual dressing style is a bit confusing. It is somewhere below business casual but above dressy casual.

To visualize how this style looks, imagine a scenario where you are going to an ultra-funky workplace. You can choose a good top and a pencil skirt, then have a pop-colored jacket. Having dressy flats or heels will complete your dressing.

4. Business Casual

This is the standard dressing code expected in offices. It refers to that attire appropriate for a workplace. The aim is to look polished with fashion-forward and more relaxed touches but without being too much formal. Consider a fun-blouse, cropped black trousers, and some jewelry.

5. Country Club Casual

Just like the name suggests, this dressing style suits free-for-all occasions, like when going to a club. You can put on comfortable shoes, beautiful dresses, simple blouses, and tennis skirts.

Choose light colors and lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton. Accessories should be minimal and appropriate for the occasion.

6. Dressy Resort/Beach Formal

When you are planning to go to the beach, have plus size casual summer dresses in mind. It is all about wearing what is most suitable for being out there at the beach having fun. It involves a mixture of style and comfort.

plus size dresses

A flowing maxi dress can do you some good or maybe a full-length jumpsuit. Keep jewelry to a minimum.

Take Away

Some people like to indicate their preferred dress codes in the invitation cards.

So, the next time you receive an invitation card, check the dressing code your host prefers and stick to it. If the dressing code isn’t indicated, you can call your host and ask what they expect. It would look awkward when your dress code is out of place. Likewise, if you are the host, let your invitees know the dressing code you expect.

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