7 Style Statement Earrings Perfect for a Cocktail Party

Earrings Perfect for a Cocktail Party

Are you up for a cocktail party?

If you are going to a cocktail party these days, not just your clothes or shoes, but your jewelry does matter.

People’s perception of you does largely depends on your physical appearance. Your appearance or looks does leave an impression on others mind, especially when you are meeting that person for the first time.

It is really important to pay attention to your jewelry as well when you plan for a party, dinner, function, event, etc.

In recent years, it has become a trend that the kind of jewelry you are wearing will give a different (positive or negative) perception about you. Earrings play the most important part of your jewelry, pairing just earrings with your look will definitely enhance your look.

These days such rings or studs are not meant only for ears but those can be worn on different body parts. Those parts are the ears (obviously), tongue, chin, eyebrows, belly buttons, nails, and lips.

Such rings have magical power and they are appealing for both men and women. It can always enhance your entire look and can give you immense confidence to stand out among the people around you.

Choosing the right style of cartilage earrings are very important for any occasion. Here are a few tips to choose the right one for your look. One should be sure of picking the right one before you step out of your home.

Different style statement earrings perfect for different occasions:

1 Hoops

Hoops look good on anyone with whatever shape of the face they have but with open hair. You can always try different shapes in hoops.

2 Studs

It is the most common type of earrings. You can pair them with any kind of outfits like casual, formals, ethnics, etc. Pearl studs are the best studs and this you can wear on your daily basis as well. This can be worn by any age group of females. Also, studs are famous amongst males as well, males, those really want to get their ears pierced can wear studs.

3 Chandbalis

These are the ones which can mostly go with Indian or ethnic look. As they are made in the combination of metal and pearls. The fusion of metal and pearls give it an ethnic look and it can always enhance your ethnic look. Especially when you are pairing your chandbalis with a saree.

4 Ear cuffs

These are the most fashionable type of earrings these days. The most beautiful part of these earrings is they cover your entire ear and it can change your entire look, but to pair them with what kind of outfit you have to be really sure.

5 Chandeliers

These are really attractive kind of earrings and the most amazing thing about them is they come in different shapes, designs, sizes, and colors.

You can pair them with any kind of outfit, but they will give the most amazing look when you pair them with a necklace and wear them with hair ties. Tying hair with them will enhance the beauty of your chandeliers.

6 Dangle

Dangle is one the best type of earrings for your daily basis looks, and you don’t have to think twice before picking them and you don’t have to be sure about pairing any kind of outfit with them as they can look good with any kind of style.

7 Drops

Drops come in different styles and sizes. They can be in pearls or studs with a beautiful chain. That chain gives a beautiful look to them and enhances their beauty.

Hope our information will help you to choose the right pair for yourself and you will rock your looks by them.

Good Luck!

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